Friday, 24 April 2009

Things I Repeat, Say What? Things I Repeat

Apart from the above being one of my favourite jokes, those of an irritable ilk anyhow, I have come to realise that there are many parenting statements, or phrases, that I find myself saying a lot.

A lot, a lot, a lot, a lot.

I thought I would put together a top ten, and see if anyone else is using the same, or has their own gems of reiteration.

Here goes;

1. Calm Down

Used on a repeat-to-fade basis, between the hours of 7-30am and 7-30pm.

2. Settle Down

Used on a repeat-to-fade basis, from 7-30pm until shut-eye status is achieved.

3. Focus on the positive

A phrase I use when my son points out that things have not gone exactly as he had hoped, or if his every whim is not catered for within nanoseconds.

4. You Muppet

Useful for moments just after my son has ignored my advice of focusing on the positive.

5. What do you want to eat/wear/do?

My mistake ridden, glib, speaking before thinking. Everyone knows you need to give kids options, otherwise their answers will never do.

6. Are you on prescribed medication?

An affectionate phrase spoken shortly after my son has confused me with his latest request or action, often followed with;

7. You are never right

Again, affection unbound.

8. One or none?

A question I pose when my son stretches the boundaries of reasonableness. When he demands two ice creams for example, I reiterate his options ‘one or none?’ (Can be used in conjunction with number 3)

9. You know the drill/we do this every day

Reminding him that the routine is well established, and thus moaning about it will just lengthen the process

10. I love you

Something I say to my boy, everyday, lots, and while he is responsible for this action, I am not holding it against him.

So there is my ten, I am sure to be revisiting this list, and probably have missed a few.

But, more importantly, what are yours?



Badass Geek said...

If I had a dollar for each time I've told my wife to stop pinching my nipples, I'd be a rich, rich man.

Leanne said...

definitely 8. would be further up my list in the last couple of days:) That and "well, if you're finished with dinner, then it must be bed time".

Smitten by Britain said...

I'm glad the word "no" didn't make your list.

Catharine Withenay said...

"C'mon guys, we're late!"

[But, of course, this is never my fault. No, no, no - never...]

Not a soccer mom said...

Come here.
Sit down.
Did you brush your teeth?
Where is your homework?
sooo many.
But I love you is the best!
You really should watch an american stand-up routine by Bill Cosby called Bill Cosby as Himself...parenting descriptions to warrant a giggle

SciFi Dad said...

"I'm in the same room with you" - usually said in the bathroom due to the echo and her predisposition to excitement

"Be a good listener" - the kid-friendly version of "don't piss your mother off while I'm at work because then I have to pay for it"

Karen said...

Its usually "Leave your sister alone", "Shall we go back to bed and start the day over?" and "Yes baby I am still your friend, but I am more your mommy and you have to listen" "And you say..." reminding them to say please/thank you. I try to tell them I love you tons during the day, it helps that every time I do they stop what they were doing and reply.

Laura said...

Currently mine are
"stop fighting",
"stop fighting",
"guys could you please stop fighting",
"really please stop fighting",
"I am serious stop fighting",
"RIGH I am coming in there and turning the TV off/taking toy away if you do not stop fighting"

But for the 20 secs a day they do stop fighting I do use alot of whats on your list too!

Erin said...

Was inspired to post my own top ten on my blog!
Also, agree with soccer mom. I've seen that Cosby routine and, although old school, it's a good laugh!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

At the moment my list would look like this:

Stop touching/looking at/bothering your brother/sister
Stop bugging me
Please go play with your toys
The couch is not a trampoline

It's been one of those mornings. But I mostly say things like:

Please be nice to each other
Use a nice inside voice
What would you like to do
I'm sorry hanging from the second floor balcony is not an option. ;)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh I like this. I do your 1, 5, 8 and 10 constantly.
And also;

What are you like?
You dafty
Be nice to each other
What's that word? (Miss M is good at thank yous but often forgets her pleases.)
We'll see. (Meaning I want to say no but I know if I do they'll drive me crazy. This phrase also means I will probably say yes later. My children know this. Sighhhh.)
It's ok to feel what you feel. We can't help our feelings.

I'm sure there are loads more too.

I like your number 3. I'll say that more now.

The Dotterel said...

No, Charlie. No. No. NO!

(He's currently using all the furniture as his personal obstacle course. Who needs tumble-tots?)

More than Just a Mother said...

My frequent sayings are easy to establish; they're the ones I now hear my two-year-old repeating back to me;

Come on then
Hurry up please
One more time, then that's it. And so on...

Common phrases in use at the moment include;

It's not funny to push your sisters over
Poo is not a decorative option.

Mama Nabi said...

No. No. No. Please have patience. No. Can you please listen? NOOOOOOO! Mommy's not a toy. Food is not a toy. Please stop picking your nose.

Oh, yeah, "I love you" still in the mix. :-)

Dan said...

Mine is ironically:

"I'm not going to say this again....'

Maternal Tales said...

Ha ha. Yes all funny.

It's very late now, please just go to sleep. (said every night regardless of the time)

Stop running!! (Invariably said just before a fall).

Please be nice to your sister (said to both of the girls every few minutes).

Hurry up now, we're going to be late (said every day before we leave the house).

Just 2 more mouthfuls and then you can get down from the table.

And of course, I love you (although Renée now says I say it too much). Hmmm

Zoeyjane said...

Mine are nearly identical, except settle down is replaced by 'mellow out'. Also, I don't say focus on the positive - but I do tell her to 'be aware of her own choices'. I know, I'm SUCH a rebel.

A Modern Mother said...

Tag for you at my place.

Kat said...

I always ask KiKi "Are you a goat?" when she puts a piece of paper in her mouth.

Snickollet said...

What a great list. I say many of the same things, but also find myself often saying,

"I don't know. What do you think?"
"You are a turkey!"
"Can I tell you something?"
"These are your choices: [. . .]"

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I just love the You Muppet one, Amy has called me that from time to time!

The thing I say most is "are you listening?"

Both husband and daughter vary rarely do!!

CJ xx

Nicole said...

1, 2, 5, 9, 10.

Every day.
All day.

Throw in a "You need to relax" a "munchkin" and a "you're a goof" and you've described almost my whole daily conversation with my son lol

Kevin Spencer said...

My girlfriend calls me Muppet. She'd never heard the term used in a derogatory manner before. One day I say to her "...did you just call me a Muppet?" and it stuck ever since. I'm totally used to it now. When she calls me Kevin I don't think she's talking to me. kthxbye.

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