Saturday, 18 April 2009

You Say Jump, I Say How High

I do not know where you stand on the whole bribery to entice quality behaviour thing, I stand slap-bang-in-the-middle of it, sometimes.

And, boy (girl, or hermaphrodite) does it work.

Check it out.

In other news, we are back from a week away on the Welsh coast. We had a great break, albeit hindered at times by inconsistent weather, but that only gave us motivation to go and do things inside rather than on that lovely coastline.

I am delighted to return to read many reviews, and positive feedback on Christine Coppa's new book Rattled! I eagerly await my copy.

I hope to get a lot more entries to my Ninendo Wii competition we can not have Dan winning, I do not remember them having video games in The Good Life.

Get your entries in.

Will somone please think of the children chickens?



Maternal Tales said...

Hilarious. Well done! Vimeo is your new addiction isn't it?! Glad you had a good holiday x

Robert said...

Lots of carrot, and a little stick works best!

Dan said...


I'll have you know that Tom and Barbra had a playstation 3 behind the pig shed.

andy said...

big fan of bribery.

although i prefer to call it "negotiating".

A Modern Mother said...


I want a Wii I'll enter!

Don't know about you, but I'm so ready for school to start again...

T said...

That's hilarious. Yes, bribery works. Even into adulthood.


The Dotterel said...

That's obviously the answer for everything - an Easter egg hunt! (Btw, it's Orthodox Easter now, so you can legitimately do it all again!)

Kat said...

Sounds like you and Max had a good time on your holiday. I am really enjoying this nice sunny and not overly hot spring days we have had lately.

Karen said...

Aww thats awesome! It sometimes takes me 2 bribes for it to take.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Fantastic!! This house thrives on bribery and corruption. But don't tell, I'm not supposed to know!

CJ xx

Single Parent Dad said...

Maternal Tales - It sure is, thanks.

Robert - Sounds, sound.

Dan - Yes, but I bet it was solar powered.

Andy - Agressive negotiations.

A Modern Mother - Please do, and encourage your masses to do so too.

T - That's true ;-)

The Dotterel - Sadly I am decidedly unorthodox!

Kat - Enjoy it while it lasts.

Karen - Indeed.

Crystal Jigsaw - Your secret is safe with me, well reasonably.

Nicole said...

LoL that's an absolutely adorable video!

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