Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Muff Munching

Me and my big cake hole, or fingers.

What was intended as my humorous slant on all the wonderful recipes of the interweb, that - as a cooking simpleton - I skip over, ended up with me guilting myself into talking up, and taking up a challenge.

See I posted about my fairy cake protocol, an hilarious method statement for the sum total of the baking that we get up to here.

Except it was not so funny for some.

English Mum, a food writer no less, was appalled at my used of sachets. So much so she decided the blogging world needed an equal and opposite post, in the form of a step-by-step vanilla muffin guide.

Because I am an idiot I felt, writing the post, I should actually ditch the packs, and simply stock the standard ingredients for cakes, I suggested that I would bake said muffins, if English Mum would actually be so kind to put together the post.


And wouldn't you know it, another fool reluctant baker, suggested we have a 'muffin-off'.

So we agreed to expose our muffins to the world wide web today, for judging by the foodie English Mum.

Here are most of the consumables and apparatus needed to make quality vanilla muffins.

For reference, here are my normal weapons of choice.

The dry ingredients - sifted.

All mixed together and chocolate chips added.

In the oven.

Out of the oven.



They did taste delicious, and I actually have five children and two other adults that would testify to that. 

I think I shall continue with baking from scratch, so it is a score on that front, although I shall probably drop the unnecessary items from this recipe, keep it simple.

Don't judge me, except you English Mum of course, you need to go and check out the delights of Laura's Muffins at Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?

Now anyone else want to take up a baking challenge?

The world needs a reluctant bakers meme like no other.



Littlemummy said...

It's clear you're are the winner, but don't tell 'Are we nearly there yet mummy' I said that :)

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

I heard that!
Look at your big non dwarf like muffins. They are, as feared, lovely.

Perhaps if I'd done thick icing I could have hidden the inch gap between the muffin and the top of the case? Hmmm, maybe next time

Working mum said...

Great muffins! As a diplomatic teacher I would say that yours and Laura's are worthy in different ways. (Although yours are bigger, he he he)

Now that you've bought all the baking stuff you might as well go on to gingerbread - very easy and great fun decorating them. Get yourself some cutters and check out my recipe

Once you've done ginger you'll never go back! (so to speak) ;)

English Mum said...

Wow, they're beautiful! And Laura's as well. I mean...erm.... oh God... *sweats profusely* I'll have to pass the buck to my commenters...

Potty Mummy said...

You know you're going to get some really interesting hits on google with that post title?

SciFi Dad said...

So it's left to me to make the "those aren't the kinds of muff I prefer to munch" joke then, eh?

Exmoorjane said...

Ah, Laura, sorry but have to say I'm pretty impressed. Not only risen but decorated very prettily...
Hmm, might take up the challenge.....though not today...

Writer Dad said...

I can totally smell them from here, and Potty Mummy is right. Your Google searches are about to invite an entirely different kind of reader!

Chairman Bill said...

You'll make someone a great wife one day.

Ever thought of simply buying them? Much simpler and saves on the washing up.

Badass Geek said...

With the title of this post, I figured you'd be talking about something completely different.

Be on the lookout for some interesting search hits.

Part Mummy Part Me said...

I am very impressed. I recommend Nigella's brownies:

BTW: Naughty post title. You saucy mare!

DiaperPin Up Girl said...


Muff Munching

I died.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Those look yummy. I'm supposed to bake a cake for my daughters birthday tomorrow (from mix though, a cook I am, a baker I am not). I'm not feeling it at the moment. Is it wrong to bake it the morning of the birthday?

Thumbelina said...

I also expected something completely different with that post title. And came over here in fear and trepidation.

Very pleasantly surprised. I can almost smell them. They look delicious, my mouth is watering... do you live anywhere near West Lancs? Perchance? (I would drive over for these methinks.)

OMG Pregnant said...

Great title... that one caught the eye!

Oh, and an award for you over at mine.

The Dotterel said...

I hope you scrubbed that lap-top before you started!

Lisa said...

I was a little afraid to read the post when I saw the title... then I asked myself "Does "muff" even mean the same thing there?"... then I read the comments and thought..."yeah it does. He's a cheeky little punk!"

Single Parent Dad said...

Littlemummy - Your secret is unsafe with me.

Laura - Thick icing is the future.

Working Mum - Gingerbread is one of my favourites, and brandsnaps.

English Mum - Wimp. We slog and slave for you, and you go AWOL on your judging duties. ;-)

Potty Mummy - That will be another post.

Scifi Dad - And you type it so well.

Exmoorjane - Thank you, finesse is not usually a strong point of mine.

Writer Dad - Not for long, there are consumed.

Chairman Bill - Buying a wife? Unfair to say they are simple, but I agree, it would help the washing up ;-).

Badass - I don't know what you means.

Part Mummy Part Me - I love Nigella's brownies ;-)

DiaperPin Up Girl - Only figuratively I take it? Cheers for your comment.

Blogging Mama Andrea - Not at all, it is fresher that way.

Thumbelina - Not too far in Staffs, I could throw some on the back of something heading up the M6.

OMG Pregnant - Couldn't resist and cheers.

The Dotterel - Vacuumed. (And I now know I need to clean my oven).

Lisa - Muff is short for muffin, any other meaning is purely coincidental ;-).

Kat said...

I'm coming to your house for CUPCAKES.

smitten by britain said...

Nice job. How long did it take to get the flour out of your keyboard? Didn't your Mum tell you to never tweet and bake?

Bush Mummy said...

Great title.. had to read on.. and good for you. Those sachets are great when you can't be bummed to do it all from scratch, and for the littler ones who get bored after 30 seconds. But the amount of SUGAR in them... ggeeeezzzz.. My eyes water when I eat them.

Good for you - yours look fab..

BM x

Kevin Spencer said...

I must admit, my inner twelve year old came to the surface and I giggled at the blog post title. Mate, you've single handedly convinced me that baking cakes is the next thing I need to learn. YUM.

Melissa said...

OMG - You are funny. I really did not expect that title.

swile67 said...

oops don't think my comment posted...your muffins look lovely! one thing that struck me about your photo is your laptop in the mix-no pun intended!!! i still use handy dandy paper cookbooks..never thought to plop my laptop in my kitchen when baking to view recipes on line!!!

Not a soccer mom said...

Good job! those look great! and yummy.
For years I thought I couldnt bake, everything on top of the stove came out but never the baking. turns out, my oven sucked!
But now I need the practice. And I am impressed with yours.
The title was quite misleading. I too thought maybe it was my own dirty mind.

Laura said...

WOWEEE those do look yummy and decorated so pretty! Well done!

Rebel Mother said...

Muff Munching - how that made me laugh and what an eye catcher! So are the delicious cakes. Tea at yours then?

DulwichDivorcee said...

My, those are perky muffins you've got there. Don't tell Laura I looked! Also notice you have the Dwell coffee table with chairs ...lovely.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Well done on the cakes. As or the Muff Munching...really, you are soooo rude. Tsk. Hee hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Protomuffins! Well done!!

(please don't ditch the 'good stuff' - that's the best part!)



jay said...

Wow, didn't you do well? Two thumbs-up from me!

I am so not going to take up your challenge. I am not so much a reluctant cook as an ex-cook. After twenty-something years of cooking for my two sons, culminating in that point where you cook and they fail to turn up to eat it, I gave up the cooking thing more or less completely. Marks & Sparks do great, calorie counted meals you know. ;) I cook very, very rarely now. My husband prefers cold food (read cheese sandwiches) anyway!

disa said...


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