Tuesday, 26 May 2009

R and R and, err, R

Rest, relaxation, recuperation, recharging, respite and repose not words usually synonymous within the world of parenting.

Probably even less amongst my sole parenting brethren.

However I am a very blessed individual, and as well as getting regular short breaks, we have virtually a whole week of the above.

Now, while I can not completely switch off – parents of children all ages tell me not to expect to ever fully relax again – I am definitely in a different place.

Both figuratively and actually.

We are away with my folks, enjoying the Welsh coast, and their hospitality.

They have a static caravan that is right on the coast (I’m looking at the sun setting over this beautiful bay as I type). It is on a small site, with no amenities, thus quiet, but there are plenty of other children, so my son is very entertained even if we make little effort and stay put.

After a day of nothing much, walking into the village, casually guiding my son’s movements and exploits, making a sandwich, popping onto the beach, dissecting our find to see what we had discovered, I am unwound by at least a few turns.

Enough revolutions to have to check what day it is. This time out of genuinely not caring, rather than being as sharp as a centuries eroded beach pebble.

And I expect more of the same until the weekend, and our return home to the trudge of near idyllic hamlet life.

I hope to use a little of our time away to plan the final few weeks of my son’s nursery stint. As at the moment we regularly get free days, that are term time, I want to optimise their usage, as this will be our last regular chance to enjoy the peace, and price, of visits to various entertainment venues when most of their target audience are stuck at school.

It will probably be at times like these, early evening, when I can enjoy the scenery, also avoid the dross of when 7 to 8 million folks may as well get lobotomies prime-time television, and get more worthwhile pursuits, such as planning our ventures, done.

There are a few other things I should, or could, catch up with, but as it is only touch-and-go that I will sort out our outings schedule (thinking about it is progress), I would estimate the chance of any further work being done as slim.

Slim to none.



Thumbelina said...

Enjoy. I just had a weekend in S Wales for my sister's wedding and now I am off for a fortnight in Portugal. Long overdue. Never been there before. Really looking forward to it. This is a quick last minute blog look before I turn in and tomorrow morning we are off.

so, enjoy and see you on the other side of holiday. :)

Kevin Spencer said...

I remember going to Wales on holiday a couple of times when I was a wee nipper. One was a caravan park type thingy and one was at a Butlins. Good lord they sound crap nowadays but caravan & Butlins holidays where AMAZING when we were kids. So many good memories.

Pearl said...

Sounds very relaxing - hope you stored some of that up!


SciFi Dad said...

Enjoy your break, even if there isn't any television.

Not a soccer mom said...

aahhhh sounds absolutely heavenly.
Making memories.

Rebel Mother said...

I didnt have any r,r and r for years - when I finally went I was as stiff as carboard! After soft as putty....

Hope you enjoy it - and dont forget, if you get into a jacuzzi it's like being tickled from the inside....makes you giggle like a girl....

Have a fab time, whatever you do. x

T said...

I can tell how relaxed you are from this post. Sounds sooooo nice. Enjoy it while you can!

SandyCalico said...

It sounds idyllic. Enjoy the rest of your holiday :-)

Part Mummy Part Me said...

Wales is beautiful. It sounds like you're both having a lovely time. It's the simple pleasures that are the best. Have fun x

Really Rachel said...

Sounds lovely!
There's an award for you, over at mine, when you have time to pick it up :o)

Gretch said...

enjoy. Enjoy. ENJOY.

Snickollet said...

Sounds lovely. Enjoy.

Single Parent Dad said...

Thumbelina - Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the Algarve.

Kevin Spencer - Still cool for kids now.

Pearl - I hope it lasts a while.

SciFi Dad - Oh there's TV, but my folks have the remote.

Not a soccer mom - It was good.

Rebel Mother - No jacuzzi, but still a great break.

T - Even more lackadaiscal than usual?

SandyCalico - Thank you, it was good.

Part Mummy Part Me - Under the sun I have not been anywhere prettier.

Really Rachel - It was, and will check it out.

Gretch - Did, did and did.

Snickollet - Thanks.

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