Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Video Explanation (of sorts)

We are back from our six day excursion to the Welsh coast; we have had a great time. I have had some great opportunities to relax, my son has made some new friends, and together we have had some fun too.

I know I have had a good chance to recharge, as I have been on auto-pilot since returning home. Car was decanted, washer was put on, oven warmed concurrently, hot water on for an auto-hour, child's dinner cooked, clean clothes hung, child's party clothes considered for tomorrow, garden checked, vegetable patch weeded and internet revisited.

All this was done with absolutely zero muttering or chuntering, our break ticked all the right boxes clearly.

And if you want it even clearer, have a look at the embedded video.



Canadian Bald Guy said...

LOVE the birds tweeting in the background on the 2nd half of the video. Great stuff.

Rebel Mother said...

Wales is beautiful! Been there loads of times.

Award for you at mine - hope you like it RM x

The Dotterel said...

It's just one nice view after another... I should swap you mine some time!

The Gossamer Woman said...

I liked both of them very much, if you don't mind. They seemed equally relaxing to me. Maybe that's because I live in the city and appreciate any kind of greenery. I did like the birds chirping in the background, but I even get those here.

Roads said...

Glad you had a great time in the Land of my Fathers. Well, Mother's actually, but you get my general drift.

I agree with your analysis, too -- sometimes the real benefit comes not just from getting away from a hard routine, but from returning to it refreshed.

Hope you find time to empty the suitcases and then put your feet up!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

Amazing lushness in the first 1/2 of the video. I hate unpacking! Wish I could just throw everything away after a trip and buy new!

Dumdad said...

All looks very relaxing.

Not a soccer mom said...

Pretty backdrop 'if nothing else'?!
Ahhh thank you for this sweet serene video to start my monday morning workday grind.
So peaceful for you.
oh and that sunset! or rise? good show

O said...

Nice - it seems to have been just what you needed if you are now whistling as you do your chores!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I do like your backdrop best, I have to admit. Good that you had a lovely time together.

CJ xx

Kevin Spencer said...

Said it before and I'll say it again. Welsh caravan holidays for the win I feel.

Jo Beaufoix said...

They are both lovely. And your garden looks so manicured, I am very impressed. And does Max get a go on that trampoline or does Daddy hog it? Tsk. :D

Single Parent Dad said...

Canadian Bald Buy - I hadn't notice. Back hand slapped for taking them for granted.

Rebel Mother - Indeed it is. Will be over.

The Dotterel - Let's have a look then.

The Gossamer Woman - Don't mind at all.

Roads - Renewed energy is what it is all about.

Barefoot Dreamer - That's growing rapeseed oil. Awesome.

Dumdad - It was/is.

Not a soccer mom - Sets, both time. At sunrise I am usually busied.

O - A good sign for sure.

Crystal Jigsaw - Thank you. It is certainly nice to return to.

Kevin - Win, win, win.

Jo Beaufoix - I designed it myself *dusts shoulder* and we have a great time on that trampoline.

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