Monday, 22 June 2009


The wonderful innocence of childhood, and the way I am sledge-hammering it away, by subjecting my supplier of it, to the relative vulgarities of music television.


I have written before about how I do not watch many television programmes, yet our television is pretty much on while we are in situ, normally tuned to a music channel, after the déjà vu feeling of watching Sky Sports News has gotten too much.

This does not mean I am a great music buff, nor does it translate to me having a ‘cool’ taste in music, and therefore a hip collection of it. Far from it. My music collection is probably akin to that of a ten year old girl – they like The Prodigy don’t they?

My philosophy on means of entertainment also extends to the radio, or music systems, especially that in our mode of transport.

I can remember my mother not being particularly strict with this, which meant she was subject to all kinds of crap, kids’ crap, like nursery rhymes, and the Bart Rap.

She probably deserved it actually, as she was the one person that bought Russ Abott’s album, yes, paid good money for.


However, this is something I am keen to avoid for myself, and thus decide that the controls to such devices are my firm remit.

It probably accounts for my son’s Killers obsession, and how I have to explain I shall be going to see them without him this summer.

These I count as positives.

As do I, when he says; “Is this Daniel Merriweather dad?”

There are negatives though, I am not entirely comfortable with the way we seem to have become desensitised to the general ‘sex sells’ of music videos.

Music videos broadcast at any time of the day.

Easy on the eye for the pervy 32-year-old widowers amongst us, but a bit dodgy for the nippers I reckon.

Yet, I am powerless to get the feelings of the latter to suppress, and certainly not surpass, those of the former.

Then there is the dancing, I enjoy watching my boy strut his stuff. His mother was a decent dancer, she always thought she was very good, I would only say proficient, but what would I know, I dance like a reluctant-arthritis-ridden-brittle-boned-epilepsy-sufferer.

I had not really considered the impact of the lyrics of songs. Sure, I do tend to rush to the volume, or skip, button if parental advisory script is on its way, but my censorship does not extend any further.

Max will sing along to some songs, and I have never considered that he is really processing what he is saying, just thinking he is making a row, not dissimilar to how I would myself, if having a yodel along.

But he proved last week, that he does occasionally listen to the warblings of the pop star.

That of Dizzy Rascal no less, he who only cares for ‘sex and violence’ – I do not believe that Mr Rascal by the way, you seemed such a nice, and more expansive chap on Jonathon Ross.

Fortunately my boy is more concerned with getting behind his claim of simply being ‘free’, rather than being labelled ‘bonkers’ (You will need to listen to the song to get this bit).

With Mr Rascal’s video on in the background, my lad let me have his unsought opinion.

“I think he’s free daddy, I don’t think we should call him bonkers, do you?”

To which I replied; “I agree, I don’t think bonkers would be fair.”

A reply I had to muster through swelling laughter, giggling that confused my minor, and that forced me into yet another explanation.

But is this a laughing matter? This moment certainly was, but I fear the next time he may ask me about the sex and violence.

Questions, I am obviously not qualified to answer.



Dan said...

I have a post iun my head about MTV base being on at a playgym I went to with the kids recently, but every time I try to get it out of my head and onto the screen it eludes me.

SciFi Dad said...

Music is something very near and dear to both our (my wife and mine) hearts. We were both musicians in high school, and are apt to listen to music at home as well as in the car. It's only natural then that our daughter (and lately even our son) have developed a love for music.

In fact, right now my son won't eat jarred fruit unless I sing Peaches by The Presidents of the United States, and yesterday he wailed during a diaper change until I handed him my mp3 phone playing Circle of Friends by Better Than Ezra.

PippaD said...

May I suggest that you tune into Fun Kids Radio (Sky Digital 0171 and Virgin Media 926 and DAB in London) we listen to it here.

It plays a good mix IMHO, and no videos to worry about lol! Don't need Baby Boy shouting Boob any more oftern than he already does!

Part Mummy Part Me said...

Great post. Have you read my recent (also musically themed) one? I love the Killers. And The Prodigy. You do have good taste. I'm investigating Daniel Merriweather now...

Mrs OMG Pregnant said...

I took my unborn child to see the Prodigy last Friday at a Festival... then realised the lyrics to 'smack my bitch up' shouldn't really be the sound track to her youth! :0)

Solo-Dad said...

SPD: "I dance like a reluctant-arthritis-ridden-brittle-boned-epileptic-sufferer."

We must have taken dance lessons at the same studio. :)

A Modern Mother said...

Nice post as usual. We don't listen to nearly enough music here. Not sure why.

Dumdad said...

I'm really losing touch: apart from The Killers I've never heard of these people. (I've never really got over Led Zep and Deep Purple, truth be known). I like Robbie Williams but I guess he's passed his sell by date.

Anyway, pop music videos in general are dripping in sex and violence but my 11-year-old daughter watches these things. Or, rather, she tends to watch those music reality shows; in French, watching Frogs mangle decent British songs. I sometimes find the original song and group on YouTube but she prefers her stuff. Of course.

chrisandharvey said...

I do sometimes wonder how much of the lyrics Harvey has absorbed he really understands. His current fad is ACDC. Maybe not the best education for a modern 7 year old about town - and I have started to delete (when he's not looking) some of the songs from his mp3 player - the latest being 'Go Down'. By the way - ACDC is nothing to do with me - I haven't a clue how he cottoned on to them, but he loves them.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Do you know, I was watching something on telly this morning with Amy, it was just an advert before she went to school and it showed some very scantilly clad girls prancing about rather evocatively and Amy was watching it with interest.

CJ xx

Belle said...

Oh - I just watched the dancing video.
I love how he goes up the stairs!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh that is just so cute. I can imagine his face all serious, and wondering why you're laughing.
And Mr Rascal did come over very sweet on Jonathan Ross didn't he? And Jay Z too, he was wicked. Miss E is loving Lily Allen's new stuff but it's a bit of a worry when her latest song is about a boyfriend who is, erm, a bit pants in bed. It's hidden enough for her not to have any idea, but even so I cringe a bit when I hear her singing it, even though I like it too. It's all about sex, sex, sex these days isn't it? Tsk. ;D

rosiescribble said...

Ian, there are some Beyonce videos that I think Max should avoid watching as they hold little to the imagination. I'm certain of course that such videos would be of little interest to you, it's not your kind of music, and why else would people watch them??!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i really like your blog. This post made me really laugh. My father died when i was 16, (i'm 36 now) and i still can't decide whether to forgive him for making me love the eagles and godley and cream. lol.
Townygirl x

dulwichmum said...

Dear Friend,

My baby girl has just been weaned off Britney - "F You Seek Amy" n favour of Abba and dancing queen, you have no idea how long that took (sigh).

God help us all

Momma from Montana USA said...

it is funny that you mention this right now, as my seven year old is obsessed with all music that makes mommys' and bfs' trucks go BOOM! (Think massive subwoofers, massive speakers.... pushin a whole ton of sound)
The Simpsons sing the blues is one of the current favs, on the good ole ipod (I can't use Cd's anymore, as the air pressure moving makes them skip, even with the volume low)
Kiddo sings at the top of his lungs to "deep deep trouble" and "the bartman" he even knows the words to the "Moanin Lisa Blues."
I am much happier with this music, as opposed to such drivel as "No Handlebars" by the Flobots, or hiw current obsession with a classic from 1994, "Excuse me sonny, do you know where I can find some Bass?" Luckily, kiddo manages to edit himself, and refuses to sing "mommy and Joe words" so far so good with that.

Single Parent Dad said...

Dan - Bit dodgy I reckon.

SciFi Dad - Obama even has an album? Only in America.

PippaD - You can, but I can't I have none of those mediums.

Part Mummy Part Me - Merriweather is my current obsession.

Mrs OMG Pregnant - It's an Omen.

Solo Dad - You would need more than lessons to dance like me.

A Modern Mother - We listen to a lot (of rubbish).

Dumdad - Is Vanessa Paradis still going?

Chris&Harvey - ACDC are cool, aren't they?

Crystal Jigsaw - I know, it is an issue.

Belle - Quite the showman.

Jo Beaufoix - Indeed it is. Miss Allen is most graphic. Did you see her on Buzzcocks when Jameliwotsit asked for an edited version of her album, for her daughter?

Rosie - Don't get me started on that sanctimonious bint.

Townygirl - Got to love him, even if he only taught you want you definitely don't like!

Dulwichmum - I will not be weaned.

Momma from Montana - I hope the self censoring continues.

Crash Course Widow said...

Max and Anna must be hitting the same wavelength, yet again. =) We listen to a lot of music--in the car mostly, but regularly at home. Fortunately (for avoiding the very issues you talked about in videos) we've never watched music TV, and now that we've moved, we only have basic cable...only about 12 stations and certainly no MTV/VH1 (and no 24-hour preschool cartoon channels either, much to Anna's chagrin at first =)). But as I've noticed in the last 4 months or so that Anna really likes to listen to music, she's also listening to WHAT they're saying too. Ugh. I've had to start censoring my songs and playlists now, much to *my* chagrin. So right there with you. Don't have any "two penneths" for ya, except to follow what your parental radar thinks is right; every family--and every child--is different. If it makes you uncomfortable or if it sounds weird to hear it come out of a 4yo's mouth, then skip it.

Hugs to both of you (and sorry I've been absent for so long...had a huge deadline at work so little to no time to keep up on friends' blogs)! Hope you're both doing well!

clareybabble said...

I love Bonkers! My son generally listens to his story book cd's and god forbid we ever have any other channel on apart from cbeebies!

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