Saturday, 20 June 2009

Father's Day Presence

I still have my first Father’s Day gift.

Well I have two thirds of it, the confectionary 33.3% would not have lasted the day, probably not even the hour, in which it was gifted.

These presents were also the only ones that my wife got to organise upon my son’s behalf, for the annual you must buy your dad something or the corporations will get you day of fatherhood celebration.

The other parts were a t-shirt - an ‘I’ve found Jesus, he was behind the sofa’ one, no less – and a ‘Super Dad’ picture frame, complete with picture of me with my child strapped to my chest.

Daft offerings that summed up our relationship, and how we ‘treated’ one another.

I am sure I would have insisted that Samantha buy me nothing, not being a huge fan of the purchase-to-order principle of all these obligatory days that have been created and commercialised to the hilt.

And feeling loved and appreciated every day of the live-long-week, in any case.

That would not have stopped her wanting to further celebrate my becoming a dad, and it was also a great excuse to go shopping.

I am really glad she went to the effort, and got these items that now have huge sentimental value since her passing. They would have been treasured had that not happened for sure, but they are now things that trigger nice memories of the past, as well as signifying anything.

This year I have four cards, one crafted at nursery, one we made together at playgroup, and two that my son has fashioned in the care of each of his sets of grandparents.

It is great that he gets to make stuff, and if I am the excuse, that is fine by me.

There are also a couple of gifts knocking about, which I am sure I will be able to consume, and thus appreciate.

But there really is no need.

Like I wrote for Alpha Mummy; every day is Father’s Day.

We have the day planned out, the morning will be spent in the garden, if we can avoid the predicted showers, planting carrots and beetroot, as we have harvested our first early potatoes this week – planted on Mother’s Day.

I then hope to get over to my parents’ in good time to watch the British Grand Prix, and certainly for the Twenty20 World Cup Final.

I have got to help my old man shift a scaffolding tower or similar – was not really listening – but it means I am doing my dutiful son bit.

But I would do it any day. As I know he would stuff for me.

I have also got him a little something, and a card, but that small something has been a little gag waiting to happen, that I have eventually been prompted into procuring.

I am just happy to spend time in the presence of my son, and with the presence of my father. My mother and sister will also be with us, and their beings are always most welcome too.

Hopefully we will have as good as a time as we did here.



LouDuk said...

That is such a cute picture. I love his stance in it. He is basically saying "I'm tha boss" i love it.

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

**sniff sniff**, oo you bugger, you've got me all teary.
Have spent the avo with my two making Father's Day cards which they absolutely love and have informed me that their dad requires "chocolate and hugs" for his big day!

Sandy said...

Happy Father's Day

Snickollet said...

Happy Father's Day. What a lovely post, lovely photo, lovely family.

SandyCalico said...

Happy Father's Day. My toddler made his first piece of artwork at playgroup this week, a father's day card of course. Seeing his daddy beam with pleasure when he saw it was a wonderful moment. The Liquorice Allsorts raised a smile too!

English Mum said...

Ah the ol' feet out, planted solid stance. He's some boy. Happy Father's day, old bean, oh, and happy anniversary too xx

The Green Stone Woman said...

Happy Father's Day. Now you're a dad I really don't mind saying that to, even though I don't like the over commercialization of this day, but for you it is special. I see you doing more than an average job with your son and that should be put in the spotlight every once in a while. You could have made it much easier for yourself and not have done half the job you're doing. So, enjoy the day and feel special. You deserve it.

Mrs OMG Pregnant said...

I love your outlook xxx

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Lovely photo. Sounds like you had a lot of nice tasty things to eat over the years. Amy bought the farmer a few gigantic bars of Cadbury's Whole Nut and gave him a lovely card.

CJ xx

Bush Mummy said...

You've just made me blub you bugger..

Happy Father's day - you truly deserve it..

BM x

Canadian Bald Guy said...

Happy Father's Day. Very cool pic.

Kat said...

That picture just brought a tear to my eye. Max is such a lucky little boy.

SciFi Dad said...

Great photo, and great post.

I wholeheartedly agree: spending time with family is what's really important on Father's Day, even family by marriage who make you move furniture on Father's Day.

AndreaRenee said...

Happy Father's Day

Single Parent Dad said...

LouDuk - He was probably actually saying "I'm the boss." He does. Regular.

Tara - I broke The Cain.

Sandy - Thank you.

Snick - Thank you, we have our moments.

SandyCalico - Allsorts always raise a smile.

English Mum - Thank you.

The Green Stone Woman - My mother always says I'm special.

Mrs OMG - Good.

Crystal Jigsaw - I sure have. Giant Toblerone yesterday.

Bush Mummy - Woopsy.

Canadian Bald Guy - Right back at ya.

Kat - It is a good one of us.

SciFi Dad - It is. Though my in laws would pay big time for that.

AndreaRenee - Thank you.

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