Saturday, 6 June 2009

Grafters' Montage

After my growing realisation that my son might not inherit my sporting genes, and that instead he may actually inherit the mechanical and practical acumen of both his grandfathers, today I stumbled upon an opportunity to nurture that along.

I have been needing to replace our garden furniture, and eventually got round to allocating funds and making a choice earlier this week. I did not go too crazy, I only chose a table and chair combo, I want some other stuff too, but you should not really rush these things.

I went along to a local garden centre to get this set, but they were out of stock, and so they rather helpfully directed me to order it from their national website, they predicted it may arrive sooner, than one shipped via their store.

Still, I was not expecting it in a rush, but that changed when I got an email from the courier last night, advising my packages would be out for delivery this morning.

We were off to our normal Friday morning playgroup, so I left a note to accept delivery and advise the delivery people where to put my packages. More in hope than expectation.

On our arrival home, I could see my note had disappeared, and soon discovered that our goods were where I had asked them to be put.

Kudus to TNT

My boy was also excited, he had no idea I had ordered this kit, but the prospect of its construction certainly got him animated.

So, we had lunch and then we set about assembling this ensemble.

This also included a trip to get some tools we required, the obligatory workers visit to a cake shop, and then lots of chat about how we were going to get to a satisfactory conclusion.

Max really does have a flair for this stuff, he is a great fetcher, carrier, and seems able to pick things up and understand what is going to happen next.

He is also very sharp at observing a stereotype, either that, or Bob the Builder really does has a lot to answer for.

If someone had told me these next couple of gems, I most likely would have said they were lying, or more likely, being optimistic, but these things actually came from my sunshine during our afternoon of building.

Before starting. “We need music Dad, all workers have music.”

Reading the instructions. “Hold on.” Disappears and returns with a pencil above his ear.

Five minutes into assembly. “Can I have a break now, workers need breaks.”

After being caught with his celebratory cake, before we had anything to celebrate. “Eerrr. I need it for energy. Workers need energy.”

He has the acumen alright.

And to make the event, and still hearing the words of Team America; even Rocky had a montage.

I give you this.

A job well done, and wouldn’t you know, he ASKED to play football afterwards, coming up with a questionable scoring system, but all the same, WANTED to kick a ball with his daddy.

I have had worse afternoons.



Sandy said...

Good job, Max & Ian! I love a project like that and it's always good to have a buddy to work with.

Not a soccer mom said...

great job! i love that table- might have to see if they sell it in the states.
the pencil over the ear--- too funny. applies to us engineers also.

Football- added bonus

amy said...

A great job and a great post!! Loved the slide show! His logic was amazing! My girls do the typical womenly thing, comment on it, ask when it will be finished and not help lol!! x x

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Hey that looks fabulous! Well done you. Might you pop round to my place next?

CJ xx

rosiescribble said...

Great job. Yours looks so much better than the picture on the box, naturally. "Workers need music and breaks" - Max is a natural!

Kat said...

Well done you two! He sounds like a natural handy man!

Zoeyjane said...

Well, as long as he didn't drink a pot of coffee and then disappear into the bushes for half an hour with a newspaper!

notSupermum said...

Max clearly is a workman in the making. Does he know that ALL workmen have two sugars in their tea? It's a fact.

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

Good job! And well done Max. Rosemary would not have the patience, yet, though she does like going and getting tools and bits and bobs for a bit.

And he is very right about the music and the breaks and I love the pencil behind the ear. I remember my dad always had a pencil behind his ear (he was a builder) and he'd often fall asleep on the chair with it still there (he also had a cigarette behind the other ear, but hopefully Max won't pick that one up!).

Momo Fali said...

I have all kinds of projects for which I need a handyman! Send him over!

clareybabble said...

Well done both of you! My son loves to help build things with Daddy and is already a dab hand with a screwdriver. Learn young I say ;)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow he did a great job. The pencil behind the ear is just the best observation. And all workers need cake, it's vital.

Ohh, and I just watched that montage with Mamma Mia as a soundtrack. I thought, 'hmmmm, I wonder why he picked that?', then realised the sound came from another page I had open. I should really go to bed. Max though - adorable as usual, and the table looks fabulous dwahling. x

LouDuk said...

I love your blog

C.J. Koster said...

Awesome, simply awesome.

SciFi Dad said...

'Tis a fine barn, english.

Single Parent Dad said...

Sandy - To right, or do the work on your behalf.

Not a soccer mom - Happy hunting.

Amy - That trait isn't limited to women ;-).

Crystal Jigsaw - Have tools (a few now) will travel.

Rosie - Does it? Thank you.

Kat - Much more than me, and he's four.

Zoeyjane - Thankfully he didn't do that.

notSupermum - I thought they had more than that.

Coding Mamma - No fags for Max.

Momo Fali - He will need his chaperone

Clareybabble - I agree, and that sounds cool.

Jo Beau - Max adorable, table fabulous, what about moi?

LouDuk - Good. Keep it up.

C J Koster - Cheers.

SciFi Dad - Cheers Terence and Philip.

Kerrie said...

I see Trade Union Leadership in Max's future, he has worker's rights well and truly sorted.

You two are a fantastic team - well done, bravo...!!!

Noble Savage said...

Looks like a very fun afternoon! Building stuff is so much more fun with kids.

smitten by britain said...

Too cool for school you two. Handy Andy and Max the Builder. You could start a business together. Well done.

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