Monday, 8 June 2009

I'm Elsewhere

I was recently interview by the lovely Tara over at MyChild, a website for parents helping children achieve their best.

Anyhow, my interview, and vastly entertaining responses, can be found here. Be prepared for a little bromance and a story about a crocodile and a missing arm.

And talking of bromance, or typing of it – just how many times can I do that gag?

MyChild are running a Father of the Year contest, in collaboration with Kodak. There are some wonderful prizes, with the overall winner getting a holiday to Orlando.

The idea is for children to enter their father into the contest, articulating why their dad is worthy of such a prize.

With the possibility of a clever Kodak pocket video recorder, I shall be getting my boy to come up with his best. Though I will have to type it for him. Well, it is the least I can do, I am trying to go for a good dad award after all.

On second thoughts I might get him to wax lyrical to someone else, and I would advise parents of children unable to physically enter the contest to do the same.

The contest will be run over two parts, with 10 video recorder winners recording a three minute video using their new piece of kit, for an eventual winner to be chosen from.

We all now how good I am at putting together a montage, and garden furniture, as it happens.

Entries are welcome here, and good luck.



sparkwisdom said...

Good Luck! Single Parents are amazing!

Dan said...

Hang on, I hope you're not refering to me with that Bromance thing? I've told you before, I see our relationship as purely sexual.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I knew you and Dan had a thing going. I could tell.
And Max has to enter that competition if I have to come over and record him myself. Tell your dad about it, or your bromantic partner.

rosiescribble said...

If I dressed up as a man could I enter too?

Not a soccer mom said...

Good luck!
It seems that he may not take after you on the field but how are his writing and creativity skills?

LouDuk said...

Best of luck! You will get it for sure!

Dan said...

Our "relationship" didn't help me win that wii did it!

Fair weather friend.

SciFi Dad said...

Great interview, although you would have gotten more laughs if you had said you wanted to interview someone OTHER than the next king of England... like, say, Oprah or something.

Milla said...

is voting involved? do you need middle aged laydees to gush??

Single Parent Dad said...

Sparkwisdom - Indeed.

Dan - Shhhh. What about our front?

Jo - (see Dan you've blown it). I will.

Rosie - I think THEY would need proof.

Not a soccer mom - Writing not so much, but creativity unbound.

LouDuk - Cheers.

Dan - Like I said to you in bed the other evening, you get so much more.

SciFi Dad - Oprah? Who's he?

Milla - Gushing, or a certain kind, is always welcome.

Catharine Withenay said...

Look forward to seeing Max's video entry! Good luck!

Exmoorjane said...

Would love to nominate my husband but not sure he really qualifies - hidden upstairs furiously typing and occasionally swearing not the best role model really! Good luck - fab prize!

Working Mum said...

Just been catching up on your last few posts and I loved the garden furniture video. With that kind of talent, you're a shoe-in on that competition!

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