Friday, 14 August 2009

Max Needs Your Votes


In a shamless attempt to make my son the Face of Kinder, I am asking for your votes.

The competition is running for another six weeks or so, and I would like to get my son into the top 100, so he is then considered by the panel for a place in the final of 30.

He is way behind on the vote count (100th place has about 750 votes at the moment), probably because I had neglected the start of this contest, but also because I am not brilliant at self-promotion.

However, with your help, and persistence, I think we can get the little fellow further in the competition.

You can vote once everyday, and we are going to need you to, to stand any chance of getting Max into that elusive top 100.

We both love Kinder Eggs and chocolate, so will really appreciate any clicks, and votes, you can spare us.

Clicking on the image should take you to the voting page, and then it is just a matter of clicking vote for this child, and entering a five digit sequence to beat the bots.

If you feel like re-tweeting or promoting my boy elsewhere, please feel free to do so, that would be appreciated too.