Monday, 21 September 2009

Disney Pixar Monsters Inc Blu-ray Review

When I was asked by the Think Parents Network if reviewing Disney Blu-ray movies may be up my street, I did not give an immediate answer.

I wanted to check on what titles I would probably be asked to review. I was aware that Disney is responsible for the High School Musical monster, and that I did not want to commit to several hours of forcing myself to watch that.

However there was one monster I was very interested in.

James P. Sullivan.

‘Sulley’ to his mates.

Monsters Inc is probably my favourite children’s film.

And Sulley was only just outside my top ten favourite movie characters.

I remember first watching this film, one late afternoon in a French chalet during a fantastic skiing holiday. There were about a dozen adults cosied up watching Sulley and Co try to scare children in their sleep, extracting screams to power their world in the process.

The place we were staying at had a slim picking of videos to choose from, but after a another full day on the slopes, going out again was not really on the agenda, so Monsters Inc. was chosen out of a perceived bad bunch, to while away a couple of lazy hours.

You know a film is excellent when you do not hear a peep out of anyone else watching it, nor does anyone get up to go to the toilet. The only interruption was our chalet bitch maid bringing us hot drinks and cake.

An awesome afternoon, and an awesome film.

Pity they are not all like that.

I could not exactly remember the film, and the practice of scaring to extract screams, so I was reticent to let my boy watch it straight away, I decided a personal viewing – from start-to-finish, without interruption – was absolutely necessary.

It was not really, as it is quickly clear how you can use the film as a tool to explain nightmares, and put a slant on them so as to lessen their impact, rather than send a child to bed scared of their next one.

The colours and images in this film are absolutely outstanding on the Blu-ray format, bringing me closer to believing the current premium for them is worth it, however I still believe Blu-ray disc should, or will be, more competitively priced, and I am yet to actually buy a movie in this higher definition format.

This movie, if you just let it run, starts with a very good explanation to it, and introduction to what you are about to watch.

You can quickly skip over this for repeat viewings, but I found it quite refreshing to hear one of the makers wax lyrical on the film, and to thank you for your purchase.

Some of the extras are very good too, the tour of the Monsters Inc ride of Disney Land Japan is great, but unless I can score a review gig there, I think my boy is going to be terribly disappointed.

This is definitely a movie I would recommend, and will be watching time-and-time again without complaint. My son loved it too, and it has proved a decent vehicle to discuss nightmares, and, I hope, if we ever get into the whole monsters-in-the-wardrobe dialogue.

If you need the same, you can get yours here.

I am now waiting to see if The Incredibles comes out on Blu-ray, as this is another children’s film I really enjoyed. But if Disney want my opinion on G-Force, that would not be too bad either.