Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Hi honey, we're home - for a bit

The end of the holidays are in sight - for some they are already over - and the first of many school terms for my son is dawning.

We have spent much of the summer away from home, generally in short-stints with various generous hosts.

This method was devised in part to keep the holiday feel going, without horrendous cost, costs I could not really justify, or pay for.

Our house has probably felt a bit left out. Although when we have been here, we have had some great adventures, and it did accommodate several extras for the V Festival a couple of weekends ago. We have been here less than we have been away.

I was delighted when we arrived home, after our near three hour trip from the Welsh coast, to hear my mini-colossus greet our home.

“I've missed you house.” He said.

I miss House too, since he moved to Sky.

After all our adventures to date, I was not expecting him to act this way, but then we are really happy here, so I suppose it is not an entirely unpredictable response.

Plus he has a toy armoury here to rival any nipper.

But, much like Nathan Jones; we've been gone too long.

So long, that when cooking tonight, taking stuff from the freezer stocks (shopping is on tomorrow's agenda), I switched the fan oven on, and the temperature gauge up to 200°c. I even set the timer for ten minutes, like I usually do, to know when the oven will be nearly up to temperature.

The beeps went off, as did I, to discover that I had turned the knobs correctly on my cooker, only problem being, they were on the two different respective ovens of it, thus rendering both actions pointless, and delaying our turkey dinosaurs, chips and beans by at least 600 seconds.

Then, later on, it took me far longer than in should to work out the two, yes two, air levers on our wood burning stove.

Yes, yes, yes, people will insinuate, and confirm, that I am an idiot, and that none of these things should amaze, and most likely, not even entertain (have I really written a blog post about this?).

All I need to do know is successfully hunt down my rogue dustpan and brush, as well as get my head in a place to blog about all the other stuff in my bonce at the minute, of course.