Thursday, 17 September 2009

Our Epic Holidays

Our seven week holiday from nursery, and before the start of school, does seem like an eternity ago.

Planning for the holidays, or final planning – as in booking in stuff – started about a month before the actual holidays commenced.

I had an outline plan of what we might get up to, where we may go and who we may visit, but I did not start putting phone-to-ear, or pen-to-paper before then.

My thoughts were to put a lot into organising where we would go, and then leave what we may actually may do when we arrived there, to the day, possible a couple before or even just down to our hosts.

Within a seven week period I was expecting many hic-cups, thinking it unlikely that we would escape an illness in a two month period, either between us, or within the households we were planning on venturing to.

As it turned out the only ailment we had, was my bad back, caused by wiping ass one too many times in a caravan toilet (in stilettos apparently).

That problem only brought a minor amendment to our schedule in the end, we missed out on a trip out with all the children and parents of the nursery, but in retrospect, they had terrible weather, so we probably did not miss a great day.

But there were many great days amongst the remainder.

Finding enjoyment in the company of others, or in our own, discovering new things or revisiting some of our existing favourite places.

With the whirlwind nature of our jaunts here-and-there, it also meant that our time at home was novel, and perhaps, more enjoyable than usual.

I was thinking of what might have been my favourite day of the holiday, and finding it very difficult to choose, as there were so many highs.

It was also great reassurance, that while we would no longer get any more quiet midweek time together, that me and the boy can still have a great time, we just have to plan a bit more, or expect to be joined by bigger crowds and longer waits.

Our great times took us north to Yorkshire, and our various hosts were wonderful. We enjoyed Emley Show, some equestrian competition, tractor rides and our adventures with the Hughes were awesome too.

We have been on the Welsh coast, where we enjoyed a few jaunts out, Go-Karting together for the first time. Electric Mountain, Llechwedd Slate Caverns, surfing, wave jumping, crabbing, racing our haul, rabbit farms, ice creams on the beach and building sand castles.

The English Channel was also on the radar as we took in the south coast, courtesy of Butlins’ New Ocean Hotel. We trekked back via London, and had a couple of excellent days there.

Our time at home included a great visit to the West Midlands Safari Park – who I owe a review – there were various other parks and people visited, we went in to a forest and had visitors, big and small.

I took in the Twenty20 finals day and V Festival, and Max had separate adventures.

There were birthday parties and linked activities, for both adults and children, that all seemed bunched at the start of September (jovial Christmas conceptions, the lot of them).

So, for me, epic is the right word for our holidays.

I am grateful for every last minute of them, rather than sad they are over.

Looking forward to next year kid;

'Max and Daddy's Summer Holidays - The Revenge*'.

*It is only a working title (for the spreadsheet).