Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ready for school?

Today, much as we ended the day yesterday, we started this one at a kids party.

This one was for the eldest boy in Max's school class, or the school class he is very soon going to be part of.

As a group of children, and parents, I think it is brilliant that we have a child who has a birthday at the beginning of September, not because he will be an old and wise head amongst all the madness, but because it is a great for us all to have a re-group before the school term actually starts.

We are not strangers, far from it, but it has been great to get together as a collective right before the children reconvene as a to-be-educated unit.

The children all got on again swimmingly, and it as if the nursery term, which they pretty much all were part of, finished last week, rather than seven ago.

It was also nice to catch up with the faces we have not got round to over the summer months, hear about all their adventures, and of course, get the latest village gossip.

The obvious topic, and tourette like enquiry today, was to ask if everyone was ready for school.

School that starts for us, for the first time, on Tuesday.

There was a real array of different answers, with most people having all the logistics and materials covered, however there were real differences in how parents predicted how they anticipate the introduction of school to go.

Some of the child seem so young, others seem very ready, while the odd few seem completely unaware of this huge change that awaits this week.

We are ready.

Max most definitely is.

I would be amazed if there were any tears, from him.

I might will shed a few.

The tears will be a mixture of emotions, but hopefully, mostly of overwhelming proudness.

It is time for us both to move on, slip up a gear in our personal development and focus.

I have made myself a list - which may or may not evolve in to a spreadsheet – of my rough plans, and tasks for each day of this first week of school.

It is full of positive stuff, a lot of which I have been waiting to do, and have been looking forward towards, for a good while.

And, moving forward, I shall endeavour to have some sort of routine, completely interchangeable, but an outline of what I should be doing and when, otherwise I fear I may slump in to my default lazy barsteward position.

Another beginning in our lives, this one, with fingers crossed, will be a very happy one.