Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Children are really irritating

They really are, even when done with a certain amount of cute, and charm, they can be incredibly irritating.

I give you a wonderful example.

This is something I wanted to write about a while ago, but I have only just found a piece of scrap paper with ‘idiot son’ written on as a reminder reference to it, in part of my extensive, and professionally recorded, blogging notes.

Sometime over the summer, the boy was due for a day with one set of the grandparents, my folks to be precise.

There was no fixed agenda, the inconsistent weather of the time pretty much dictated any forward planning to be a waste of time, but for sure, fun was to be had.

The sun was shining in the morning, and as I started to sort stuff out for the day my son insisted suggested that he wanted to take his bike with him.

I had no problem with this, just needed to make the necessary loading arrangements, and enquires.

So the call was put into the grandees to check this did not interfere with any plan they may have hatched now armed with a better handle on the weather.

In fact it supplemented their idea of going to a park and farm, my dad started planning how to transfer the bike to his car so the boy could ride it around said park.

My boot needed a quick tidy up to fit the bike in, but before I was allowed to load it, my son decided that a few action figures needed to go into the little box that sits over the rear wheel.

The transfer over at my parents’ house was swift and virtually effortless.

However upon their return to our house for dinner, enquiries to how the day had gone brought about ‘that look’, the one that says not all went to plan.

Apparently although my dad had taken Max’s bike out with them, my son had then decided he did not want to ride it around the park.

Annoying, but not super annoying.

What is Über annoying is when they got back to my parents’ house, and the bike was decanted for riding, again my son refused to take to the pedals.

I am led to believe my dad politely, yet firmly asked; “Why did you want to bring it then?”

To which Max replied; “I needed somewhere to put the action figures I wanted to bring.”


Yet, cute and funny too.

It also prompted me to teach the boy a new word, or combination of words.

“You have plenty of suitable receptacles son, but your bike isn’t one of them.”