Monday, 26 October 2009

Doing things by halves

No, I do not have a new job as an Easter egg puttogetherrer.

I am typing about the school holidays.

It is half-term week for us, which means my son is off, and we get to plan, and act out a load of joyous activities.

I have just re-read a post I wrote at the end of this week last year, and discovered some fabulous similarities with it.

Our relationship is really on a high at the moment, my son has been incredibly affectionate of late, and his behaviour has prompted a lot of positive tears from me over the last week or so.

I find him great fun most of the time in all honesty, but at the moment, his company is something I really crave and enjoy. So a whole week with him, however tiring it may end up being and however much I may end up regret saying it has come at the right time.

This is something I also noted this time last year.

We have yet to mutilate a pumpkin, but we are actually planning on doing a job on one grown by Mr Hughes later in the week.

The week has kicked off at one of Max’s nursery friends this morning.

Thanks to those who reassured me about being exposed to chickenpox again on Twitter last night. I eventually found some chickenpox information on the NHS website, it offered no concrete reason to rob my son of a play date he was very much looking forward to.

On top of the pumpkin carving, we also have visits planned to Alton Towers, West Midlands Safari Park, the grandparents, a Halloween extravaganza, fireworks and a birthday party.

Some of which we shall do in the company of the wonderful aforementioned Hughes family.

I have some work to fit in around all that, which means for a fun, yet even more tiring than usual, seven day period.

There is some downtime for me before the weekend, as I am going to a Pink concert – I hope I get to tickle her, or her me.

Thus I hope a happy balance has been struck.

But my main hope is that my smile is still as wide by the end of it all.