Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Family portraits and an image update

No need to call Gok Wan, or whatever he is called, I am not about to overhaul my rather ailed wardrobe, but more a digital renovation.

I was recently asked for a photograph of myself and Max, as I am quite regularly, yet this time I actually realised I was, by default, sending a picture that is nearly four years old.

You know?

This one;

I use this in all my internet guises, Twitter, my blog profile, Facebook, British Mummy Bloggers and as the image associated with the magical words of wisdom I tend to leave all over the interweb.

It is time for a change.

Luckily I have a friend, who is looking to launch a photo studio with a twist.

Specialising in family portraits, but instead of operating from a studio which may make customers feel a smidge stuffy, he plans to offer a mobile service, thus bringing the camera to you.

He is a fantastic photographer, and a really nice chap, a manner that I would imagine most would welcome in to their homes.

Personally I have toyed with the idea of some studio-esq shots with the boy, but have always shied away from actually going through with it, fearing enormous cost, and the drama of getting to a studio without soiling any part of ourselves or clothing.

Plus there is the potential drama of damaging studio equipment, or child becoming increasingly frustrated and bored with the whole process and set-up.

So, his idea seems like a very good one to me, but I am only one person, and would love to read of your experiences, or indeed, if you would consider using such a service.

I will be passing on your feedback, but not any details, he will only be offering a local service, but I thought it would be good to gain some, any, market research for him.

Anyway, these are a few of the shots he took of us, and I will probably add a few more of them to my Flickr account at some point.

But do not be alarmed if you see one of these images as a replacement for my old avatar, we are just growing up.