Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fat Club

The first rule of Fat Club is you must blog about Fat Club.

Me and the boyfriend have both decided there is a little too much of us to love, plus it would be quite nice to give our hearts a little rest from the daily drudgery of pumping vast amounts of steadily congealing liquid through self-narrowed arteries.

Something like that anyway.

But as we also have stupid in common, we thought it would be a great idea, and incentive to come up with some sort of contest.

We both have different amounts we wish to lose, so Dan, the genius, came up with the idea of the first to lose a stone (14lbs).

He also came up with the less brilliant idea of the winner, taking over the losers blog for the week, and really could we do anymore more harm to each other than we already do to ourselves?

So, we are looking for suggestions of what the penance, or prize should be for the first to lose the weight.

And we are also prepared to throw this open to others who may like to get in on the action, or non-action in this case.

Mr Hughes has unveiled his cunning weight loss plan today, it is quite novel, walking himself to death is a sure fire way to rid yourself of those unwanted pounds.

However if you want master plan, look no further, well, a little further, you have to read it like.

My plan, when friends visit us for a curry tomorrow night, is to replace the naan bread I usually have with boiled rice, a massive saving, plus I also am going to ask for questionable prawns, lower in fat, and likely to make me ill. A sure fire weight loss programme if ever there was one.

WeightWatchers Points? Shove that (though, it is a system I could incorporate in to a spreadsheet).

It is on.