Friday, 9 October 2009

I woke up healthy

Well, the NHS BMI Calculator said I did.

One of my instant targets when the boy started school, was to get my fitness and weight sorted out.

A different type of rebuilding process to the others I have instigated since being widowed.

I did not really set any initial targets, other than thinking that September to Christmas seemed like a good, and healthy period of time to get the aforementioned to a decent level.

In the past my dieting has only ever been successful if I have removed my intake of things I would consider unhealthy completely. Snacky stuff has always been my downfall, especially sweets.

We would diet as a pair previously, as that always seemed easier, and supportive, when we were married. Trying Weight Watchers, Marks & Spencer diet stuff, the red and green day one, and even Atkins.

None of them ever seemed to work for me, but to be honest, I was never that bothered about losing weight, nor did I need to, as more exercise was present in my day-to-day.

So this time, all sugary, fatty and salty snacks have gone, replaced exclusively by fruit, if I cannot wait for the next meal time.

It has also taken me 32 years to actually listen to the ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ gambit.

I have been eating with my son in the mornings, rather than just sorting him out, to then feel hungry later in the morning, and snacking on rubbish.

Then I have also cracked an exercise formula. Consistently been doing 30 miles on my bike, and 2 miles in the swimming pool each week, with the exception of one when Max was poorly – those distances were halved that week.

I feel a lot better, and have more energy, which in turn means I have been more productive, and have found energy for things post child bedtime, rather than curling up and watching something naff on television.

My weight loss has been nothing short of immense. I have lost a ridiculous amount, 24lbs in five weeks, a little over 11% of my original body weight.

At the same time I am pleased, concerned and mildly embarrassed about such numbers.

It is great to actually have a BMI that does not label me a fatty, but I am unsure that losing that amount in that short space of time, I can really consider myself healthy.

Plus, when Dan laid down the gauntlet of who could lose a stone first, I did not envisage losing 7lbs in the first week of the challenge. While satisfying to be at the top of the loser board, that really is not what it is about, and 7lbs is barely believable, however true it is.

My dilemma is now finding a healthy balance, that means my weight loss is somewhat halted, but my fitness continues to improve. I guess this will entail eating more, but the danger is that puts pressure on me to continue to exercise at a level that will use the fat, rather than store it.

And still, I am only five weeks in, to what is a major change in lifestyle, so it may start to even itself out, as I now enter the deemed healthy bracket.

In other news; are you like me? After you have been on holiday, what is the one thing you need? Another holiday perhaps? I have written about these feelings over on the Play and Stay blog and I would love for you to go visit, and add your two penneths.