Thursday, 15 October 2009

My Parents Evening debut

After six weeks of school I was, like all the other parents at my son’s school, invited to a Parents Evening.

Now I am unsure if my memory serves me right, but when I was a pupil, these would be an annual thing which always resulted in my parents relaying the message; ‘You’ve done OK, but you SHOULD be trying harder’.

Being the little know-it-all, I would always point out that ‘should’ is subjective, and in fact they meant ‘your teachers, and us, would prefer it if you made more of an effort with the work put in front of you’.

I was probably the ultimate in annoying child, and still am in many ways.

This time however, I am playing the role of parent, and I am interested in my own mind and how I will guide and cajole my own child through the whole education process.

I still insist my attitude was right at school, and is one inherent in me. Try hard when you either need to, when you are interested or can see the longer-term benefit of what you are doing.

It is little about what you know, more an ability to apply knowledge in a beneficial way.

The emphasis from me at the moment is that I want my son to enjoy his schooling as much as possible. That may ultimately mean I have to give the same lecture encourage my boy to do his work, or indeed extra work, but for now I am not deliberately putting any pressure on him to do work, and actually have encouraged him to question the ‘must do’ attitude.

Yeah, the teachers are going to love me.

Last night was intended as a five minute interview, which in my humble opinion was largely avoidable and unnecessary.

It really is not a great deal of time if you actually have questions or issues to discuss.

(And I obviously forgot to ask the only one I wanted answered; 'What is this black crap I can't wash out of the uniform?')

Our 300 seconds were mostly spent discussing the methods of reception, or foundation stage teaching. Explaining what the targets are for the children.

Which was of some benefit, but need not have been delivered on a one-to-one basis, indeed it could have been explained by letter, email or even at the previous ‘Meet the Teacher’ and ‘Sharing Time’ events this term.

I am sure it is not a great night for the teachers either.

So instead of having to liaise with a fellow parent, and do some child swapping - which at the moment is a ‘great’ source of debate - an email exchange or quick phone conversation would have sufficed.

Probably easier for all parties, and also generates an automatic record, and notes of open communication between parent and teacher.

Would probably tick a lot of boxes on my Early Years Foundation Stage Profile actually.

That is all wishful thinking, so I am left to eagerly await my next parent/teacher consultation.

And the one after that.

And the one after that............