Sunday, 25 October 2009

Toy Story Mania

We were sent a copy of Toy Story Mania, a new game for the Nintendo Wii, for review.

I do not actually own a Wii console, but my sister does, and I thought this game, being more child friendly, would be a handy addition for our visits – rather than my four year-old clambering to play non-age appropriate games every time we go.

Essentially it is a shoot-em-up game, based on the very popular Toy Story characters.

Play is based around a fairground type environment, playing all sorts of games, or stalls, where the physical style of the Wii controls give a feel for you actually being stood at the stall, and bashing things that come out of holes, or shooting them, as necessary.

The only problem I had with the game was actually getting my son to play it. While he is a big fan of the Toy Story films, this game certainly was not grabbing his attention in the same way.

Disney provides a huge library of things to perhaps encourage interaction with this game. There are things to colour in, you can make a Toy Story Mania door hanger and there are the obligatory wallpapers and screensavers.

Perhaps if I had got hold of an official Toy Story gun, that may have encouraged him a bit too.

The game is also playable in 3-D, if you can bear wearing the funny glasses, or indeed get your offspring to wear them.

Overall the game is good fun, like many on Nintendo’s newest console, but it also quickly becomes tiresome for me, hence we do not own this machine ourselves.

There is enough dust on my Playstation 2 as it is.