Friday, 18 December 2009

Come join an anal wave of electricity

The wondrous, hug loving, D G Hughes sent me an invite last week, a call to join the Google Wave bandwagon.

I was intrigued beforehand in this new application/software/whateveritis, especially after watching part of the demo that Google put out.

The feature that most appealed was the ability to embed a wave within a website, or blog.

And I want to give that ability a run out.

If you are silly enough to have followed me on Twitter over the last ten days or so, you will have undoubtedly have considered blocking me seen my tweets about our electrical consumption at home.

I have bought a clever little device that tells you what your current electrical consumption levels are, going up and down every time there is a change in that rate, and systematically refreshing if nothing alters.

It is a great way of knowing what things are consuming, I bought it as I suspected my tropical fish tank – that is no longer tropical – was using way more electricity that I thought, and also with an eye of the best method of heating water in the summer months, immersion heater versus boiler.

Anyway, as well as giving me the opportunity to be terribly anal, it also gives me the material to have a blast with Google Wave and see if it works, how it could work with other things.

Of course this idea may fall flat on its face, and disappear within moments of its very publication, but I am hoping otherwise.

I have created a wave, and embedded it in the archives of my blog, so as not to slow it down ridiculously.

If you don’t have Google Wave you may just see a blank page, but if you have a genuine interest, then please email me for an invite to use it, as I still have a few I can send out.

However if you can see it, and feel like contributing, or giving feedback, that would be fantastic.

The idea is that I have created several different headings, which can then be replied to. Such as; Consumption Figures, Saving Ideas, Electric Prices/Tariffs, Funny Stories.

I hope to see you there, and to see you share.

My Wave of Anal Electricity