Sunday, 6 December 2009

Disney Blu-ray reviews; G-Force, Tinker Bell and Santa Buddies

I have received another great batch of Disney Blu-ray titles for review, and they number G-Force, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure and Santa Buddies.

The one with the talking hamsters – or are they gerbils? – was eagerly anticipated. I even contemplated watching it on my own, then passing it off as a birthday present for my son in a couple of weeks.

But I didn’t.

Instead I enlisted the grandparents to watch it with us, so I didn’t really have to pay any attention, as that is not really my forte the film gets a critique from three generations of folk.

You can watch granddad and me quiz the boy over our virtually eaten tea below.

So I would say it was a hit, albeit not a massive one. My son loved the action scenes, but the adults found the dialogue a little fussy and mixing real characters with talking animals not a brilliant idea.

I did not really anticipate watching Tinker Bell, because I thought it would be a hard sell on Junior, and not a sale I was particularly interested in making anyway, but I have to say that was not the case.

And I found myself enjoying it, and the boy was engrossed too. Watching the film from start-to-finish, absolutely mesmerised.

The plot escapes me a little, due to the paying-attention-thing, but the story seemed to take my son through a range of emotions.

Watching in the Blu-ray format the colours are astonishing. Really incredible.

I found myself a little ‘wowed’, and at a Disney Tinker Bell movie, how hard am I?

Santa Buddies has been on, but did not really engage us, we had visitors – including girls, aged four and two – and none of them appeared very enamoured for very long. And I was too busy roasting a gammon joint, answering the wishes of the little ones and nattering to our adult company to notice much about it.

Perhaps we shall watch it again, but I am certain, rather surprisingly, to be watching Tinker Bell again in the not too distant.