Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sorting out the Christmas tool kit

Jesus’ birthday celebrations, and the days surrounding them, are somewhat of a tumultuous affair at châteaux Newbold.

While commemorating the son of god’s two thousand or so posthumous ageing, busies us like many homes around the globe, my son’s birthday is only a few days shy of the 25th, so the intensity level is raised further a few notches.

It means I have to be on top of my game, organisation, planning, possible most importantly, including time for calm in between our festive season’s highlights.

I hope I learn, year-on-year, to make the next one even better, and, in fact, less hassle than the previous.

There are no spreadsheets (yet), there are written lists I hope I do not misplace, but even without them I do have a growing idea of how things are going to roll, and on the biggest days, I’ve been slowly working on the infinite detail, sporadically finding time to make a decision or come up with an idea.

2008 went really well. It was our first in our not long finished self-build home.

We hosted a fancy dress party here only a few days before roasting a local turkey for our immediate family.

Hopefully, a lot of last year will simply be repeated this time.

For Christmas Day, my dad has already got out his National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation DVD for us to laugh at again once stuffed, and festering late on in front of my log burning fire. I may suggest, in fact, I am suggesting that film be worthy of Lee and Dan’s Midnight Movie Club.

Despite the success of last year, there are little changes I am planning.

The biggest is to be more organised with my son’s presents.

Noting where they have actually come from, who gifted what, and a definite list of what came for his birthday, and what came for Christ’s, will be a helpful addition to the protocol. I will delegate that to one of the grandmas.

The other change is to be pro-actively ready for the physical ball-ache of opening today’s modern presents.

Plastic pieces of crap made in the far reaches of the world, and thus packaged as if they were being sent to the moon by three legged donkeys.

There is also the phantom battery situation to consider, and I have grouped their availability into my Birthday/Christmas present tool kit.

My kit includes;

Various screw drivers – to remove packaging and open battery compartments.

A wire cutter – To cut toys from those plastic/wire attachment things, so readily used to make a toy look pretty in a box.

A knife – To cut any banding, and shape acceptable cardboard into kindling, and most importantly, to ward off anyone, and I mean anyone, from my potential Christmas sweet haul. No sweets since August, it could get very nasty.

Batteries – Of various varieties, on the off chance that gifts bought needing electrical power have been supplied bereft.

And I think that covers it.

But if I have missed anything, something it would be better to have to hand, rather than to repeat "I've got one of those somewhere." As I lug myself around the house trying to find said item. I would be forever grateful to be enlightened.