Sunday, 17 January 2010

No doubt about it

Tara of sticky fingers, and pervy mind - a common combo - who incidentally, never-ever-creates-memes-nor-does-she-engage-with-or-pass-on-memes-borne-by-others, has tagged me in a meme.

This one in particular is about recollecting a song, that reminds you of a certain time, or story.

Tara picked an 80s gem, and regales what it recalls here, while this particular meme originates at Brits in Bosnia.

There is plenty of music that takes me back to a certain time, or that reminds me of a certain event or a specific person. Some really random, like if someone told me once that was their favourite song, I am likely to quickly think of them, whenever I hear it, and whoever they are.

But conversely I do also find myself sometimes confused by my widowhood timeline, questioning whether a song would have resonated around the beautiful ear drums of my dearly departed, or not.

This song definitely did, probably not a lot of times, and in fact, perhaps only once, as she was not a huge fan. But this song, while it probably should not, reminds me of a very happy time, when we were probably at our relationship peak.

We were on our way to a picturesque cottage, for a family holiday, us and our marvellous seven month old child. Life was sweet.

At the time, I was obviously not to know, that a perfectly planned holiday would end in disaster, and that I would return early from it a widower, and my son without his mother.

But, I would say, up until the minute we went to bed on that tragic night, we were so in love, and so happy.

A near four-hour car journey to our destination, with a toddler in the back of our car, had no right to be fun. But we were enjoying what could have been so ridiculously tedious, infinitely comfortable just being our little family alone, however limited our entertainment or interaction was.

There was lots and lots of laughing, we both liked singing in the car, and one of my hilarious gags, was to use my hand as a microphone, placing it to my wife’s mouth, then yanking it away just as the lyrics kicked back in.

Daft, and it led to counteractions, alternative microphones, the odd hand over the mouth, which obviously a driver could do little about.

Our little game.

Which my son and I now play a derivative of.

No, I will never grow up.

Anyway, we had the iPod on shuffle, playing a, sort of; first-to-recognise-the-song-got-to-ruin-it game.

This song, by No Doubt, came on, which neither of us knew very well. It was from one of my albums, so I must have listened to it before, but Samantha probably never had.

Anyway, as neither of us really knew it we actually gave our vocal chords a three minute rest, and sat back to listen to it. Well, it was more like a one minute rest for Samantha. As she suddenly decided that the lyrics, particularly the hook, could have been written about me, and her relationship with me.

She teased me with it to begin with, and I duly played pretending-to-be-irritated, but I totally got her point.

It was a huge compliment, and I took comfort in the fact that she was the person that knew me best. I know there will be the misguided, who will see mythical warmth, or depth, in their partner, underneath all the crap they have to put up with, but in our case, I think it genuinely poignant.

She was so pleased with herself, that she had found a little anthem for her man, and I was delighted to watch her glow, with me – partly – as the reason. My role in our relationship summed up by a barely known reggae pop/rock cross over. Genius.

Sadly it was only my theme tune for three further days, albeit wonderful ones, but for me, it will stay in my head, forever.