Friday, 26 February 2010

Back in the groove

Some people say to me if I were any more laid back I would be horizontal, others accuse me of being a little slow.

Both accusations are probably true.

But It has taken me about twenty years to discover that I like music that fits somewhere amongst this genre;

Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten’ was one of the first albums I ever bought, but I do not want to give the impression I was anywhere near that cool. I also bought Vanilla Ice’s album, yes, album and I *may* have once owned a Colour Me Bad record.

I have been quite fickle with music over the years, not snobbish to anything in particular, except for music that the real cool kids listened to, fearing that fancying most of S Club 7 (as they were original known, before Paul left) made it impossible for me to listen to anything within a modicum of trendy.

That sort of attitude got me tarred with the cheesy music lover brush, and while I do like a bit of Chesney Hawkes, and Mr Astley, they are not the extents of my musical likes.

James were an obsession for a time, I even had a long sleeve t-shirt with ‘come home’ emblazed on it, such was my dedication.

I saw them a couple of years ago at V Festival, then again last year at the same event. They are really good live, and then I started tracking their newer stuff.

And anything that has a pop at America’s land of the free (as long as it is on our terms) tag line, is fine by me.

But the best band I have ever seen live is still Skunk Anansie. I was actually duped into going to that particular concert. Kiss headlined, and my mates sold it to me as a Skunk gig, but they were just the support, still, I am delighted they did as their hour or so, is still the best piece of music I have witnessed.

Kiss, on the other hand, were shit.

So I have been rekindling my love of guitar music? And music in general.

I found Hockey when I was watching some of the Glastonbury coverage last year, and I am very much enjoying their album.


I have purchased a couple of 30 Seconds from Mars’ albums, and only last week I was appraising other rockier options suggested to me on Twitter.

Then there is soul.

Films are largely to blame here I reckon. Namely The Commitments and Pulp Fiction, the music in both these films is something I enjoyed unwittingly, and so it should have been no surprise that I have found some newer, similar music interesting, based on this taste.

I fell in love with Daniel Merriweather a little when I saw him live with Mark Ronson, and after discovering this song of his;

His debut album became one I eagerly anticipated.

Then one of the real cool kids, blogging colossus Matt Logelin, suggested we go listen to Mayer Hawthorne, and after poking fun at his Jason Mraz hatred doing so, I ended up with his album in my possession too.

So I am unsure where my next music purchase royalties will go, possible to Them Crooked Vultures, or conversely, it could be to Marina and her Diamonds.

I am just glad to have rekindled my love of music.