Thursday, 25 February 2010

Walking the walk

Later this year I shall be joining a good number of hapless souls fellow bloggers, and non-bloggers, in what I consider to be an epic walk across the breadth of England.

Well not quite the full width, but the full length of Hadrian’s Wall, so as near as dammit.

There are many reasons for this coming about.

In part, as when I read about the last walk organised by Dan Hughes, it dawned on me that I was middle-aged (a bit) and thus, this sort of saunter now appealed.

There was also the opportunity to meet some people in person, that I have followed for a good while on the interweb, as well as some very interesting others that I haven’t.

But bigger motivation was the fact that I could possibly contribute to raising money, money that could make a real difference, to real people.

I have been involved in fund raising before, I cycled from London to Brighton last year for the British Heart Foundation, who I have felt a tenuous link to as my late wife passed by way of heart failure. But they are a colossal machine, and my efforts probably didn’t really make a jot of difference, plus places are always sought after on such events, so had I not cycled my ass off, someone else would have.

In this instance, that is not the case, at all.

Friends of Dan, Neil and Rachael, set up the Joseph Salmon Trust, after their own son died, aged only three, in 2005.

The aim of the trust is simply to offer financial support to parents in the immediate, and ongoing aftermath, of losing a child. To help with funeral costs, memorials, or to even give a financial breather to parents when returning to their paid employment is impossible.

Payments - that sometimes are of relatively small monetary value - that make a gargantuan difference to grief stricken parents, and families.

I have immense respect for anyone who turns their grief to such positive things, striving to make life that bit easier for those that suffer a similar, tragic fate. And I am very much looking forward to meeting the trust founders, as part of this walk, too.

So, basically, I am asking for your help, and however you can help would be great.

If you can donate, that would be fantastic, and you can do so at my Just Giving page.

But any attention you can give this walk would be wonderful, and appreciated, even a simple tweet, link, or even including it within your everyday chit-chat to help spread the word.

Similarly if you are reading this and represent someone who could help with the walk, with equipment, promotion, sponsorship etc, approaches of that nature would be welcome too.

My enormous thanks for anything that you can muster.

For more information on the walk, and its walkers, please head over to our dedicated Hadrian’s Walk blog.