Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dulcet tones

I have made my podcast debut this week, and even though I am an idiot, I had the good sense not to dirty my blog with it.

That, and not knowing how to embed an mp3, I know how to embed very little actually, hence the world and its daughters can sleep very soundly.

Anyhow, if you want to hear me getting consistently insulted, listen to me use my new catchphrase 'attention to detail', and make wildly inaccurate accusations about volcanoes, be enlightened as to how bestiality is 'merely' a technique of effective obedience training, and finally, find out how I got on trying to steal a wife, then head on over to Lee and Dan's Midnight Movie Club and press play, or download the podcast.

Apparently we were discussing various movies that went up against each other, with very similar plots, at about the same time.

I did get one compliment, that I managed to reign in the obnoxious, which I must correct if I am ever to be involved with another broadcast.