Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Electric car

We’ve, and it truly is we’ve, recently been sent a ride-on jeep for review by rideoncarsforkids.co.uk

I remember having an electric bike when I was a young child, and even I can recall how rubbish the batteries were, and my mother having to drag it from however close it got back to home.

Big heavy thing that it was.

This jeep, despite its physical size, is superior, as the batteries seem much more powerful, and lighter, I suppose 30 years of development have helped.

It was relatively easy to put together, the instructions were clear as well as hilariously badly written.

The images provided are unambiguous, and easy to follow, but the written instructions are only really good for entertainment purposes.

when not using, please cut off power, all switch press to ‘stop’ or ‘imprison’

Shame I couldn't find the ‘imprison’ feature.

while charging, must far leave flammable articles, prevent fire from occurrin

Excellent stuff.

But that’s enough of that, I’ll let you have a gander at how my son got on, with his first go, and what good use he put it to, in the first iMovie I have ever put together.