Wednesday, 19 May 2010


You can shove Chris Packham right up your badgers sett.

I actually think he did a really good job last year as the wanker anchor on Springwatch, replacing nature programme colossus, and Alan Partridge's best showbiz mate, Bill Oddie, at late notice.

Regardless, we love Springwatch in this house.

It is almost certainly the best programme, or series of programmes on British television.

For those who haven't seen it, it is essentially a wonderful mix of live, and very recent filming, following a team of incredible passionate nature experts, taking us through the developments in wildlife as the spring season evolves, right before our very eyes.

You really do see the beauty of nature as it develops, but you are not spared the brutality of the food chain, as they film different species, that are in the same food chain, they literally eat each other, very poignant stuff I find. None of the glossy, it's-all-going-to-turn-out-well-in-the-end shit, that TV constantly churns out.

This is real.

And we love it, but I've already typed that.

The discovery of a bird's nest in our expertly assembled log store, got me proper excited, and quickly checking when Springwatch starts again this year.

I discovered it starts on the 31st of May and runs nightly for three straight weeks.

As sad as it is, I actually made a 'woohoo' noise, normal only reserved for times of huge sweet discovery, when I saw that this year the programme will be screened in High Definition.

My parents generously bought me a HD Freeview box for my birthday, and the prospect of seeing Great Tits, in HD quality is something I am already drooling over. But that's enough about the World Cup, I was typing about Springwatch.

I am really hoping that our bird's nest is soon occupied, and that we get some great footage ourselves of eggs hatching, perhaps hatchlings being fed regurgitated worms by their parents.

Lovely stuff.

And if I do get some, I may well get the boy to anchor our own version of Springwatch.

It would be awesome.

Better than this anyway.

But if I don't manage it, you should really follow the Springwatch team, you can even do so on Twitter.