Monday, 28 June 2010

Is there anything worth getting angry over?

"If that had happened to me I'd be livid."

I was hearing the words, the relief and slight bewilderment in their tone, but still, I remained unmoved. Not sure I even acknowledged them.

This may have had something to do with Operation Aloof Daddy leaving me hungover, but more so, I believe, to my temperament.

Anger is not an emotion I express well, or very often.

My strong opinions can sometimes be incorrectly interpreted as rage, but mostly I am just making bold statements of unsubstantiated facts, in an arentieversocleversmuggyness.

Apparently I should have been all shouty because I was returning a faulty iPhone 4 - the only person doing so - and the shop assistant seemed a little confused that I wasn't bawling unreasonable demands at him.

Thing is shop staff are trained to deal with aggressive customers, and quickly get used to handling them. Dealing with someone in control of their emotions, but well equiped in the knowledge of their rights, is much more difficult.

And doood, it's only a phone. No matter whatever those bastards at Apple brainwash you with.

However, can anger be a good thing?

I see, and hear, lots of people mention anger as a stage in grief, but I can not really say I have had bouts of any anger at all.

At times I have certainly felt sorry for myself, which isn't really the same thing. And I quickly established, with the excellent help of Cruse Bereavement Care, that feeling sorry for yourself is a completely pointless, and ultimately self-damaging process.

But should I get angry, should I be more aggressive, what would I get out of it?

I must say, that when I induce whirlwirds of rage in others, I get immense satisfaction from remaining calm, perhaps even increasing my desire to remain tranquil.

One of my fondest sporting memories is being picked up by the scruff of the neck in a hockey game, and barely acknowledging it was even happening. All sorts of chaos ensued, and I just sat leant on my stick, smiling at all these fools getting angry over something that really didn't matter.

Parenting has tested my anger limits somewhat.

But even still while I deal with certain situations eagerly, avec heightened tone, I do not believe I get angry. Frustrated for sure, and to coin a classic parenting cliche, often more disappointed than angry.

But how about you?

Do you get angry?

Can you see a point or benefit in being so?