Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hadrian's Walk

The start of our epic walk creeps ever closer.

In precisely one month I shall be starting an 84 mile walk along the full length of Hadrian's Wall. I will be amongst 60 other walkers, hoping to raise much needed funds for the Joseph Salmon Trust.

The trust was set up to give financial assistance to bereaved parents. Families who are not in a position to pay for a fitting funeral for their child, or those really in need of a financial prop as they struggle to come to terms with the enormity of losing a child.

Since last September I have shed around three stones (42lbs/19kilos) and my fitness has never been better. This walk was the main reason for getting into shape, and I have got to a level I am now happy with, and will hopefully make this walk less arduous.

However I had actually done very little actual walking training. Prior to the recent bank holiday weekend it was limited to a short walk with our heroic walk organiser, Dan Hughes.

So over that weekend, my sister - and fellow Hadrian's Walk walker - decided that we really needed to test out our walking aptitude.

We also got to test out our intended equipment, and as you'll see above, had the opportunity to model the excellent merchandise we shall be using on the walk, and that is also available for anyone to purchase.

Hadrian's Walk t-shirts are priced at the unbelievably competitive £6 each, which even includes postage and packing (within the UK). To get you hands on one, simple go to the dedicated Hadrian's Walk Merchandise Just Giving page.

As brilliant as we are t-shirt models, we haven't really done our Hadrian's Wall Buffs justice. Dan did a much better job of that. But I recruited the boy to do an even better job of demonstrating them.

I give you the blind pirate:

And the renegade master:

This turned out to be a professional modelling job. It cost me precisely £13, as my son found the Buff so useful that he now wants one of his own.

Again pop along to the Hadrian's Walk Merchandise Just Giving page with your £13 if you fancy treating yourself to a Buff.

There are other ways to support the walk.

You could simply sponsor me directly, or even enter our Grand Raffle. There is a holiday to be won and some other superb prizes on offer, and at only £1 a ticket represents another Hadrian's Walk sponsorship bargain.

All donations made so far are truly appreciated, as will those you are about to make. Any help at all is welcome, and if you can spread the word to other people by posting on Facebook, Twitter or the countless other social media platforms you get a figurative cheers from me.