Tuesday, 29 June 2010

What does get me mad

After my 'nothing gets me angry' claim I was reminded of a few things that actually get me a bit shouty, and certainly irritated.

In no particular order, things that do get on my tits:

Election result angst, we didn't vote for this government, it has no mandate bollocks.

No. No we didn't. But neither could we have. We are not America we do not vote for a leader, nor do we even vote for a party. We vote for individual people, hoping to represent our various constituencies who at the time of voting are members of various political parties. They are free to change the day after the election. We are conned and canvassed to vote on spurious manifestoes that no one is accountable to. This is not a new thing, and people acting with shock and amazement are really quite annoying.

World Cup aftermath, suddenly every ex-football all-knowing on what is wrong, and who can we pin all the failings on.

I watched, or rather subjected myself to a short 'news' bulletin of a guy getting his house re-painted. It was being re-daubed as only last week he had a mural of England and Wayne Rooney painted on it that he was 'set to keep for years'. But now disgusted in the side losing out to a superior TEAM wanted it painted over immediately. And do you know what he cited as the reason for our over inflated team's failure to win the World Cup? 'People place too high an expectation on them, and expect too much' And what, dare I ask, does painting a massive homage on your home, before we've even qualified from the group stage do dickhead?

Television adverts, lies, lies and worse, advocating nonsense. Small print.

Whether it is Cheryl Cole and her hair extensions endorsing a shampoo to invigorate your natural beauty, or Natwest wheeling out various numpties to showcase their 'excellence'. There are many that drive me mad. Like that Vodafone bollocks when a girl calls her dad, as she is so upset she can't drive her car. Yeah. Vodafone you make it all better. T-Mobile would have made it much worse. Thank goodness those sickening patronising Ant and Dec, Dec and Ant adverts selling Nintendos seem to have disappeared.

X Factor. The devastation, the brutal lies, faux tears.

I actually enjoy watching the X factor, I treat it as therapy. I don't watch the early stages, I find that proper cringe worthy. With a hall full of people just waiting for someone to make fun of. I don't mind doing that, but televising it and selling it as something else is piss poor. When the live shows start, I enjoy screaming at the tv as the VT/sob stories role, people making bogus claims, and explain how 'devastated' they would be if they go out. I am seriously expecting some twat to eventually claim they have 'wanted this since I was an embryo'.

People telling me how busy they are.

If you are so busy stop telling me, that will save you some time. This seems particularly prevalent in the teaching profession, and I am not knocking people for having a long to-do list, but saying your are 'too busy' is bollocks. It's also factually untrue in many cases. Most people actually mean that they have other priorities taking precedence - that may include sitting on one's arse - which means that the task you are putting in front of them will not be dealt with forthwith. I honestly would rather people told me to fuck off than say that they are too busy.

News stories out of nothing. Implying something, yet technically not being incorrect.

Like this one. A hair salon owner is told to take down a billboard as it requires planning permission. The story actually says that the instruction to take down the poster comes after a resident complains that is showed too much cleavage. As it turns out decency has nowt to do with it, and it is just a matter of regulations. The resident complaining, regardless of motivation, merely highlighted this breaking of building rules. Nonsense. It even has a video interview, which in its defence, you can play spot the lazy/nonsense cliché with.

I could go on, but I won't.

Any of these get on your wick, or are there other regulars that get your goat?