Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Apple trap

I have the school holidays locked down.

At the end of this week my son will conclude his first year of schooling.

Why hasn't it gone fast, he's growing up too fast, last September feels like yesterday/an age ago, yadda yadda yadda.

This triggers the summer holidays, six weeks in which school is out.

Parents seem divided on whether the extended holidays are a good or a bad thing, I am very much in the lovingtheholidays camp.

But they are better if you are organised.

And I am.

With bells on.

I've done away with the holiday spreadsheet, something I was revered and ridiculed for in unequal measure.

Fear not Excel, our love will never die, well actually it might, but it hasn't yet. I've just fallen squarely into the Apple trap.

The bastards.

One too many PC failures eventually led me down the darkside of the fruit based CPU alternative. That and being subliminally battered by the Apple marketing machine and those already within its cult. Not mentioning any names.

The bastards.

I even switched my intended Blackberry purchase to the iPhone, such was the power of the thing the Applets simply refer to as 'four'.

The bastards.

But for a simpleton overpriced Apple products make life even easier.

That would make a great advertising slogan for them.

Pre-Apple I was running three calendars, well four actually. One physically on a wall calendar, one on my old pc, one on my phone, and finally one in my head. Depending upon the importance of an event, or how news of it was delivered, by email, text or word, it was noted in one, or a couple of these calendars.

Not a fool-proof system. And one I abandoned for the holiday periods when military planning is preferred.

Yet now with it being so simple to syncronise shit between Steve Jobs' brainchildren I only run one calendar, which is sycronised between two devices, my Mac and my iPhone.

A calendar that holds all our intended fun for the holidays.

We're planning time at the seaside, a camping excursion, arts and crafts, bug hunting, pond dipping, trips to London and the North to visit chums. I am scheduled to become a Godparent, and also hope to get along to V Festival. There are also days where I plan to work and the boy will be off on adventures of his own.

It all looks very good electronically.

I shall be writing to the folks at Apple if I am at all disappointed.

The bastards.