Thursday, 22 July 2010

How did you make me Daddy?

"With aplomb" didn't cut it.

Apparently the quizzical mind of my five-year-old wanted more detail.

The car journey back from his swimming lesson tonight was obviously perfect for a delicate discussion on the birds and the bees.

My glib answer, as well as trying to be funny - to myself at least - was just an attempt to deflect him and also buy me a bit of time.

Time I needed to decided how I should actually answer this question.

I'm not sure what prompted him to ask, I'd be very surprised if in the last week of school it was something they were discussing.

But ask he did.

And my answer went along the lines of eggs and seeding, and I successfully suppressed my incredible urge to use the charming words: 'baby gravy'.

We crossed over to pollination and back, and I doubt he'll ask me for egg and soldiers tomorrow morning, but he seemed satisfied with my answers.

He doesn't need graphic detail, he just needs science, simple biology that can grow in complexity with his age, and my ability to convey it.

A quick search of my memory, and Google, found that sex education is something my son will also be given at school next year. I haven't read the article on sex education in schools in any great detail, but it worries me a little that they are free to add their 'values' to the lessons.

Not that there's anything wrong with having values, I have my own, I just don't like preachy, and feel that the general result of preachy is encouraging the opposite behaviour.

Especially in a Newbold.

Still I shall be here to reinforce the reality that our behaviour and decisions are all of our choice and making, regardless of how we are told things 'should be' or if common practices are falsely presented as facts.

What do you reckon? Should or do your kids' schools ram home ethics within their sex education?