Friday, 2 July 2010

The perfect send off

I don't physically leave for my walk along Hadrian's Wall for another 42 hours or so, but tonight, we have had a really nice send off.

Buoyed by my mini-colossus receiving an excellent first report from school, we really have had a wonderful evening.

When I suffered a puncture on my mountain bike about seven miles from home this afternoon, I never envisaged my day would end so well.

But it has.

We've been with friends for a barbecue, and the kids played lovely, as did I.

I forgot all about Operation Aloof Daddy, and found myself throwing balls at children, getting squirted with water pistols and tickling one of my son's friends until he weed.

There was so much laughter tonight, the company and the food was excellent, and my boy was immense.

Him holding my hand all the way home has seldom felt better.

No moaning, he did briefly mention that he would miss me next week, but while acknowledged it was quickly subsided by us plotting how he may get the best out of his grandparents while they care for him.

He put on his pyjamas while we watched an Ironman cartoon together, and then he completed some dot-to-dots on our my shiny new iPhone 4 before we headed up for bed.

We read two of my favourites.

Tickle my Tummy, which is probably too young for him know, but I love tickling his tummy and saying "Of course I'll tickle your tummy but what is the book called?"

Then his choice.

This is the indicator that I am very much flavour of the moment.

It is a lovely rhyming tale ending with 'Daddy Hug', which we, or I, take as my cue to give him a kiss and a cuddle before I say goodnight. Not that I need a prompt, but this book always gives our final embracing of the day a little more emphasis.