Friday, 22 October 2010

Some numpty sent me a free washing machine

Out of the multitude of emails this blog seems to induce from public relations executives, I occasionally get some I actually read, and very, very infrequently I am fortunate enough to actually get offered stuff I can be bothered to respond for.
And whilst I have never yearned longingly after white goods for Christmas, don’t laugh, one of my mates actually once bought his fiancĂ©e a new washer for Christmas. That didn’t go down very well. Worked out ok for me though, I ended up going on their ‘honeymoon’ with him.
Anyway, with an aging washer/dryer, not really ideal for our present home, the offer from Appliances Online to send me one of their washing machines was most welcome.
Their website is superb. I usually find the endless specifications coupled with various comparison tools an absolute headache to ensure you end up with the most relevant machine. Often relying heavily on other customer reviews.
In this case, while all those knobs and whistles are there, they also have video explanations of their products. Not the most gripping viewing, but for a pseudo geek like me, most useful when making my mind up.
I ended up with a Zanussi ZW14791W
Which I must say I have since found excellent. And despite the price tag not being relevant, my inner tight bastard savvy self couldn’t find it elsewhere any cheaper.
The service provided was excellent, booking a delivery time, notification 24 hours before of an actual time slot, then even a call from the driver 20 minutes before the thing arrived.
Have it.
It washes really well, as I would expect, and I can demonstrate that with the most deliberate experiment I performed of only putting one of my child’s grubby socks in the wash.
Washed on the most economical setting (which ideally I would prefer this to say scratter, scumbag or tightwad but hey) this is the difference.

They even call afterwards to check all is ok, well actually that’s what they say they are doing, but they eventually try to sell you an extended warranty, but if, like me, that’s not your thing, just let them know that at the outset and they’ll make a note not to waste their time offering it to you.