Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The school run, over.

I get accused of not taking plenty of things seriously enough.

My child's education.


And my personal hygiene.

I take all these accusations as compliments.

However one thing I take ridiculously seriously is road safety, or more particularly my child's safety when we are pedestrians.

Shouting is not my style, not in general, and not when it comes to parenting. Remaining calm, sometimes cutting, can be infinitely more powerful than simply raising the volume.

But when it comes to crossing the road and staying safe, I'm as serious as cancer, when I say rhythm is a dancer.

My decibel level gets decidedly higher when my child does something that I feel puts his well being in danger. And at the very height of my 'training' he used to know that when I said 'heel', like you would to a dog, that I meant it.

There was always a jovial twist on it, but the message of taking personal safety seriously was there, and I believe it is one well heeded.

But on our daily wander to and from school I see things that concern me greatly, and predict it is only a matter of time before a child is twatted by a car.

Some kids just seem completely unaware of the danger of walking into a road. And often the excitement of meeting up with a chum, means that they put themselves in situations they really shouldn't.

Parents often bawl and shout, but I've not seen a single one explain why they are angry with their children, when, in fact, it should be themselves they are angry with. The pricks.

There's also folks that insist on driving to school, when it is totally within reason that they should walk. Or certainly park on the outskirts of the village and wander in.

With the weather as it is. Snow, putting everyone in a state of panic, this situation is heightened further.

I also take extra precautions when walking in the snow, crossing the road to the side least likely to be mounted by folks that don't seem to understand that brakes don't work on ice.

A good practice I reckon. And today evidence to support my protocol was witnessed.

Folks clouting each other, one on the way back from dropping their child at school, and the other on the way to pull right up to the school gates as possible.

There was pandemonium in the street, well, as much as a dozen people could create.

All hot air and nonsense over nothing, which I turned my back on and continued our walk on to school. I did take a bit of time to explain to my child, that's why we cross the road at certain points, that would possible appear unnecessary to him. Furthering that the crash was totally avoidable, if folks weren't obsessed with getting as close to the school in their chosen mode of transport as they are.

Luckily, and I mean that, no one was injured today, but I do seriously consider it a matter of time before someone is.

I hope I'm wrong.