Thursday, 11 November 2010

Tidy Books

A few years ago a saw an advert in the back of Practical Parenting that struck a real chord with me.

It was for a children’s bookcase.

A bookcase that children store their books in facing forward, showing off their beautifully illustrated covers rather than their terrible efficient but equally unexciting spines (Mr Men books aside, that actually spell Mr Men when collected together).

This is a method of storing and displaying books I have seen used in libraries but could not recall seeing in a home, but I thought it looked really cool, and having had one for a few years now, I still do.

However I am not really allowed near it without the correct authorisation, as my son has become very protective of his bookcase.

That is another charming trait of Tidy Books products, they really do encourage children to engage with their books, and take responsibility for them, I’ve experienced it first hand.

Really by chance I have ended up working with Tidy Books, helping them with the Tidy Books blog, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Geraldine, the creator of Tidy Books, is one of the nicest and most genuine people I have come into contact with, and having taken a decision five years ago to only work with projects and people that yielded me enjoyment as well as sustenance, I am delighted to still be working with her and Tidy Books.

With people considering gift buying for Christmas, Tidy Books are really popular, as their desirability as elegantly simple products that offer real longevity is heightened.

As an incentive UK readers of this blog are offered a 10% discount on all Tidy Books products. Bookcases, The Bunk Bed Buddy and Tidy Box.

All you have to do is use DISCOUNT CODE SPD10 when making your purchase, and 10% will be deducted from your total. Go and check out their excellent range of products here.

Tidy Books have also recently launched in the US, and are also available as far a field as Australia.