Monday, 24 January 2011

More movie widowers

Whilst I am considered a movie heathen by some cruel-cinematic-know-it-all, I actually like to get to the cinema a lot, and I have vastly increased the amount of films I take in at home.

I'm still no expert, I don't pay enough attention to know if the direction was any good, or generally who made the film. I like some Tarantino, think Wes Anderson is a genius, and like everything I've watched from Christopher Nolan (but I did have to google him again, having forgotten his name).

But I do note when a movie's star is a widower.

And these seems to be an abundance of them.

Here's a list of my favourite fictional widowers, but I've got a couple more I could now add to that ensemble.

Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception, of the aforementioned Nolan, is awesome. I mean sure, he's a bastard, criminal type. But the way he portrays his lost love is really powerful for me, the film was great, but his performance and character really took my breath away. I was proper moved. Silenced in fact. Forabit.

Denzel Washington played real life hero, and widower, Frank Barnes in Unstoppable. Which incidentally is the most factually incorrect film title since A Perfect Getaway. He has grown up kids, so while I could draw a future comparison, there wasn't great affinity, just acknowledgement of which box he ticks in the marital status section of his car insurance forms.

Then only last week I managed to squeeze in a viewing of Tron: Legacy. Now I went to see that not knowing a lot about the film, basically only that Olivia Wilde was in it wearing a tight outfit. I was sold. But again, this resonated as it essentially a tale of a handsome widower and his beautiful son against the world. I mean, heeellllllloooo. I'm not even sure if the film was any good, but damn straight, there's some cheesy lines in it I will be stealing for use with my son and aide.

There were some more I spotted over Christmas with an abundance of films on TV. Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) in Armageddon and Dr Robert Neville (Will Smith) in I Am Legend to name a couple. But neither would get near my current faves.

But are there any more I'm missing, that may make it?