Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Have you gone nuts?

For whatever reason I get a few invites and requests from various PR companies. Some of these are to events they are holding, product launches, round tables, that sort of jazz.

Most of which are inconvenient, many are of absolutely zero interest.

However a very professional, yet personal and clearly communicated approach, from a PR company organising a Nutella event was one I agreed to attend last week.

That and it happened to be held at Stockley Farm, which was very conveniently located half-way to where we were actually headed on our school holiday adventures that day.

Nutella is not a food stuff that I have ever previously consumed in this country. I type that as it is something I have had quite a lot when on holiday in Europe. On ski-ing holidays I particularly remember spreading it on various breads, enjoying it, but never seriously considering it for my diet at home.

But as I have only really regularly eaten breakfast in adulthood for the last 18 months or so I guess Nutella owners Ferrero will not be losing any shut-eye.

The event itself was very good. My son had a blast making new friends first thing over facing painting and what not, while us bloggers were giving our opinions as we listened to talks from a child development expert and a nutritionist.

All interesting if not devastatingly enlightening.

Then we were rejoined by our little treasures to prepare some Nutella including recipes guided by some bloke off of the telly.

We shared a table with the lovely Beckicklesie who came to my aid on more than one occasion when it came to complex world of spoon identification.

The milkshake and the tortilla wrapped banana we made were surprisingly delicious. I actually really like the taste of Nutella, but I'm not sure I'll get into the habit of eating it.

Not really sold to us as something you would have every day, but an option to add to your breakfast repertoire.

And if you are looking to cut out salt, and not concerned about adding more sugar to your diet, it is a definite winner.

What about you? Do you ever wake up to Nutella?

P.S. Nutella is not a 'chocolate spread' and is predominantly made from nuts, hazelnuts, a fact that had completely escaped me, despite its moniker.

P.P.S. I am that stupid.