Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Netmums review: Lego Games Ramses Return

“Would you like to review some Lego, you’ll be compensated for your time?”

“You had me at Lego.”

Yes, I’ve joined the Netmums team of bloggers reviewing products relevant to us and hopefully you.

The main reason I signed up was Lego, and the fact that compensation actually translates to payment.

We love Lego.

We always have it on the brain.

Quite literally.

We were sent a Lego game for our appraisal. The game being called Ramses Return, you may have seen an advert for it on the tellybox, it’s embedded below if you haven’t.

Like with all Lego it is enjoyable to put together, and we had a small fight over who would do that. Once set up the board is very small, which has its benefits, but I wouldn’t suggest this is a game you can play whilst in transit, as you may end up hunting for pieces from it.

Perhaps really good on a train journey when you have a table, but perfect for a quick game at home when children’s attention spans aren’t enormous.

The premise of the game is you have to be the first to collect three different treasures before the mummy catches you.

It’s aimed at children seven and over, but the retired company director amongst our midst of testers struggled a little with the rules.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Lego actually encourage you to engage with your game further, play it your way, they suggest alternative rules but encourage you to come up with those of your own too.

This particular game requires good memory, and involves a little bit of sneaking, so pretty good for the innocently competitive family.

We actually already own and enjoy a Lego game called Robo Champ, which is essentially a more complex version of Beetle Drive.

Both of these products I happily recommend and have not been disappointed by.

Lego has a growing series of games, nicely sorted by their age range on the Lego Games website. So there's probably a theme and a type of game to appeal to everyone.

Lego have it licked.