Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Do I regret the music I chose for my wife’s funeral

No is the short answer.

But last week, like pretty much everyone on the planet, apart from the cool music ones who know everything ages before anyone else. I discovered Ed Sheeran. Matt Logelin probably had his back catalogue before even Sheeran has written it, such is Logelin’s music cool.

Anyway, his music is awesome.

I was working the main stage bar at Latitude (does any one else just see TIT when they read that word BTW, no? Just me then) where he played his set to a ridiculously huge crowd considering time and weather.

Thing is with music, I get obsessed with certain albums or artists, like I’ve done with Ed. My Ed.

It means I play their music exclusively for a short period in my life.

Real background stuff, but not paying a fantastic amount of attention to it.

But one of his tunes was standing out. I don’t know why. I thought it was because it had a riff from another song I like.

But after this song had played 15 or 20 times one night (yes, I said obsessive) I decided to bother to look at the title (not that obsessive obviously).

Goodbye To You.

It’s a beautiful song, even though it includes rapping.

Sheeran’s lyrics are gracious.

I can see the stars as a cold the wind greets the air

and will you think of me up there can I say goodbye to

you? and paint the stains of the teardrops down my face

or feel the chill of your warm embrace. Can I say

goodbye to you

And they got me thinking, would I have chosen this for my wife’s funeral nearly six-years-ago had it been available?

It’s quirky, beautiful, and apt – in part – but it is really about me now.

A me still able to relate to my wonderful wife through new music (to me anyway, probably going to be end up being a cover of fucking East 18 or some shit).

And that’s warming (no not the East 19 wankers).

The fact that her life hasn’t really ended. Not with me.

It never will.