Tuesday, 16 August 2011

London, what a riot

I am a man of bright ideas.

My brightest last week was to head to London for a few days.

With the recent disturbances this surprised a few folks, and my well-thought-through decision to go was only made at the last possible moment.

I’m not a big fan of the methodology deployed in news coverage, and found the 24 news channels making me ill last week. Sick at the deplorable actions of some, but also nauseous because they were all seemingly reporting that they did not know what was going on. It was like: here-is-the-news-although-we-are-not-entirely-sure-what-it-is. Twenty four. Seven.

My son, Max, had even been confused by the glimpses he’d caught.

“Is, that like real Dad?”

However by actually talking to a few people I surmised that travelling in the daytime to London would be safe, and we were unlikely to go to areas previously targeted by criminals.

And here’s the mild irony, at one point we were sat a stone’s throw from the completely glass clad City Hall (watching an excellent – and free – performance at The Scoop) a building that didn’t appear to have a scratch on it, despite it’s obvious anarchic activity targeting potential.

We had a great time visiting Camden, Covent Garden and were also guests to the Big Screen event organised by Empire Magazine at the O2 Arena.

Our invite came about as we are massive Star Wars fans, and the fact that this epic series of films is to soon to released on Blu-ray would be of interest to us, and you, I guess.

Anyway, in summary we had a fantastic time in London, and our capital city is still a great place to visit.

We even have pictorial evidence.

The excellent (and free) 80 Days Around the World at The Scoop.

Lego necklaces at Camden

Camden Lock

Max 'high-fiving' a Stormtrooper (completely off the cool scale). More Stormtrooper pics on Facebook.

Anthony Daniels (C-3PO actor) and a couple of movie experts explain what fans can expect to spot when watching Star Wars on Blu-ray.

Flying the flag.

Make your own hype people.