Thursday, 15 September 2011

What can socks teach children?

Well, if you put them on your hands and use them as primitive puppets, then probably a great deal.

But they also have other uses.

Last year I bought my son a set of ‘day-of-the-week’ socks for use at school. I was absolutely chuffed with the fact that during the whole of the school term not once did his feet coverings not match the particular day of the week.

I'm clearly a domestic colossus.

As long as we don’t get passed socks. School socks at that.

Back to my child.

My school sock protocol helped him learn the days of the week, as well as serving as a subtle introduction to lean management principles.

And this school year I’ve taken it even further – but still sticking to experimental sock rotation – and rather unwittingly.

I was actually looking for a new set of the same socks from last year (I’m so kind like that) and when I couldn’t I had to come up with alternatives.

Not wishing to abandon my socks for particular days principle, I went for a colour-coded set.

My initial idea was to allocate a colour to each day of the week.

And it’s at this point I should probably say if you’re still reading this sock based adventure that you probably need to get out more.

Anyway, I soon abandoned this idea, as an even better one popped into the void between my ears.

And, check this out.

My son is now wearing his socks alphabetically.

How uncool is that?

He totally bought into the process, spelling out the colours and putting them in order. And now I can quiz him on what socks he wore yesterday, and thus which set he needs to find for today.

And as an added benefit wear and tear is equalised, rather than those pesky Bank Holidays and training days meaning that Monday’s socks look less thread bare than their cousins.

I should probably extend this principle to his underpants.

And book him an appointment with a child psychologist.

Timmy Mallet has nothing on me.