Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The perfect family car

What is the perfect family car?

Is it the excellent Skoda Yeti?

How about the Citroen C3 Picasso?

Was it the old diesel MPV I used to drive?

All those cars have their relative merits, but this summer I decided to take a different tact.

There’s a whole mass of information and reasons for buying cars. Like practicality, drive, usability, running costs, insurance, performance, appeal and space.

And I suppose it also depends on a family’s circumstance and number.

As a gruesome twosome, I decided to look at a new formula that matched our needs, but also our personalities.

The diesel MPV never really suited us other than practically.

So, I give you our new mode(s) of transport.

Yes, I’ve doubled our vehicle library with those bad-boys.

One of them is ‘badder’ than the other. Yes, the MK1 VW Caddy (on the trailer) needs more than just the tender loving care that the Land Rover needs.

Buts that’s where another collection of bad-boys come in.

My dad is brilliant with cars, he has even built them from scratch. What he is not so good at is remaining calm when problems occur and remembering where he put everything.

Which is where Newbold Jnr and Jnr, Jnr step in.

I basically hand him things - though my practical skill is improving - and Max’s involvement brings greater calm and perspective to the whole process.

Check out our superb little grease monkey.

It’s been great fun working together, and not completely frivolous.

As these cars have basically become classics, they have now escaped the dreaded hidden cost of depreciation, and could actually end up being worth more money in the future.

We also have the added security of knowing that we can combat any repeat of last year’s atrocious weather. That Land Rover 90 would have very little problems on any given terrain.

So if we are defining the perfect family car by one that brings a family together, then we may have come up trumps, Top Trumps even.