Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cleaning up my act

No, not a post about my love of inappropriate language.

Do you really need to hear more about our swear box?

No, this post is actually about cleaning.

I know, this could possibly rival the mundaness of my words on sock wearing protocol.

And I haven’t even started it yet.

That applies to my cleaning too.

Don’t get me wrong my house is not a pigsty, as it’s only three years or so old it doesn’t really need a proper clean yet. Like Vic and Bob dispute, do bed sheets need cleaning once every three or five years?

I would say my house had been intermittently clean. I’m a blitzer.

A whirlwind cleaner than occasionally bounces round the walls of my home to the sound of loud and generally energetic music.

The problem with this technique is then my house slowly – sometimes quickly -deteriorates back to the point at which I can no longer put up with its mess.

I’ve decided I need to keep on top of it, and that my son needs to buy into this practice too.

Taking some responsibility for his general house littering and actually seeing that things don’t magically get shiny.

While I was researching the optimum time for a daytime nap I rediscovered that 2pm, and 60 minutes afterwards, is the most unproductive hour of the day for us homo sapiens.

Thus I’m going to try and regularly deploy this time to something requiring little thinking, cleaning my gaff.

Further motivation will be provided by putting areas of my house into a schedule – unsurprisingly I’m thinking speadsheet – and if I manage to get ahead of myself, I will then reallocate this time to much more enjoyable activities such as, errrrm, napping.

The boy has also been getting over his faux-phobia of vacuum cleaners.

I think it’s important to set a precedent here. That while cleaning won’t hinder the enjoyment of our home there’s a benefit to appreciating tidiness.

Leading by example perhaps he won't see cleaning as the ball ache I see.

Blimey, borinhell, I'm putting this post to bed there. Well, it is nap time.