Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What's your favourite?

This is a question we ask each other a lot.

On the walk to school in a morning.

On the way home.

In the car.

Over dinner.

While we are watching a film.

At Drayton Manor watching Fireworks.

Basically anywhere my son is awake.

There are recurring themes and subjects, I would guestimate that ‘What’s your favourite superhero?’ to have been the most posed question in this never ending game.

And you aren’t allowed to have the same answer as last time, and if you do be prepared to answer Gestapo esq questioning, sometimes including – via epically powered headtorch – their techniques of making you speak.

I actually enjoy the challenge of ever-changing ‘favourites’ as I am not really someone who would easily, or even be comfortable, listing my favourite things.

If I’m ever asked things like: ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ I zone into a state of deep-thought crossed with moderate panic and a smidge of distraction.

It looks a bit like this:

At the end of our half-term holidays we had a debrief over a late Sunday roast dinner.

We had to choose favourites in various categories, best activity, favourite place visited and funniest moment.

And in a twist to this game, we had to guess each other’s faves.

All categories were difficult, and the fact that there was only one correct match in all our guesses was fine evidence of an excellent fun-packed week.

However I’d like to recap some of the funniest moment category deliberations.

Child: The funniest bit for me was when you (me) bashed your head on a lightshade at Pizza Hut.

Me: I didn’t even remember that.

Child: Well you wouldn’t. It was a big bash to your head.

I had to change my funniest moment.

And my trousers.