Thursday, 1 December 2011

Does your child follow the rules?

I heart Lego.

My son hearts Lego.

The whole world* hearts Lego.

But we don’t always do what it tells us to.

One of genius facets of these building bricks is that the instructions they come with are universally understandable. Wherever you are from, if you have reasonable eyesight – a good eye for spot the difference helps – you can follow Lego building instructions.

But do you always want to?

In the summer we spent several days, and short building sessions, putting together the Lego City Police Station. That was great fun, but my son (and I) had to avoid a marathon building session, as we are forever distractible, just wanting to get on and play.

He only really ‘needs’ the figures to stimulate Lego based role play.

Perhaps this is an age thing, with him only nearing seven years old. But it isn’t much different for me in my thirties if I’m being honest.

Recently, we were sent the awesome Queen Anne’s Revenge Lego set.

My son having returned from Disney’s Enchanted Christmas at Disneyland Paris a renewed Capt Jack fan was thrilled.

Being a bit of a Pirates of the Caribbean novice myself I needed to watch the fourth epic instalment, On Stranger Tides, to grasp what had happened to the Black Pearl.

We both enjoyed the film, and then had even more to go on building this 1000 piece plus set.

Then, we got distracted.

The boy found the figures first, and started playing with them.

I joined in, and we both concluded that we needed a boat, but also accepted that neither of us was going to have the patience – at this point – to build the magnificent Queen Anne’s Revenge.

So, instead we had this mash-up.

It’s actually part Luke Skywalker Landspeeder (a semi-dismantled birthday present of my own) and all sorts of other Lego combined.

Not sure if I should be chuffed that we had fun with something we had created ourselves, rather than following instructions, or if I should be concerned by my child’s – and my own – inability to focus for longer periods of time.

What are your kids like?

Do they follow the rules?

Does Lego get built as intended and HAVE to stay that way, or are you more akin to the Newbold Lego building protocol?

*We live in our own little one.