Thursday, 8 December 2011

Magical Christmas at Thomas Land

We were back at Drayton Manor theme park this past weekend.

Enjoying Drayton’s Magical Christmas that takes over Thomas Land, as well as other areas of the park and zoo.

Even the Meerkats.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been to this annual event, I remember taking Max to Thomas Land when he was a toddler, and that’s who this event is really pitched at and for.

At very nearly seven years-old my son is now over his Thomas the Tank Engine obsession. Not that it stopped him enjoying a good few of the rides at Thomas Land again. The Troublesome Trucks, Cranky Crane and Jeremy the Jet.

And because the first two of those rides are a bit higher octane, and that younger families are more interested in actually catching a nice ride with Thomas.

Why wouldn’t they be?

Then it means that the queues for these rides are much shorter than usual, virtually a get-off-get-back-on scenario.

It was the same for the Ben 10 rollercoaster – the only one of it’s kind – a ride we both really enjoy, and think we rode it four times this past Sunday with a collective queuing time of about 20 minutes.

So it means families with toddlers and older ones can all enjoy the park.

My son even got a Ben 10 cup from Santa Claus (all under 9s receive a free gift).

That’s after he’d got past a surprisingly chirpy Mr Frost.

The 4D Cinema was also in operation, and although I enjoyed it, one minor gripe I’d have was that it wasn’t showing a Christmas themed film. *Entering parenting nostalgia mode* I have fond memories of watching a short animated Christmas film where it even snowed on our last visit at Christmas time *Exiting parenting nostalgia mode*.

And while I’m griping, I’d say I preferred it when they used to have a Christmas show, which you booked a time for, and all children received their free gift at its climax. Rather than simply queuing up to see Santa and his Reindeer in his grotto.

However the young children seemed to enjoy the snowy cavern and grotto, and perhaps the show passed them by previously.

Prices seem reasonable, especially if you consider against what it may cost to go on each ride individually, enter a zoo and throw in a free present. And if you book tickets for Drayton Manor online you get a more than healthy discount.

Oooh, and my one final tip is...

Try NOT to avoid the snow!